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Its developers claim NetObjects Fusion XII to be one of the fastest, smartest and easiest ways to build and manage good-quality web sites. It is said to be so versatile that it can be used by both newbies and advanced users alike. Can it realistically deliver on its promises? Let’s take a closer look.

Why should you consider using NetObjects Fusion?
Listed below are some of the features that come with this website creation and management platform.

NetObjects allows users to create good-quality websites on the fly. NetObjects provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that allows total newbies to create professional websites in three simple steps. It utilizes a completely drag and drop design environment so users can simply point and click their way to building their first website. NetObjects utilizes an automatic asset management and visual design layout editor that can help users in designing their sites.

It provides dozens of modern templates. NetObjects offers dozens of new SiteStyles or template designs that can be used in designing websites. Most of these templates have drop down accordion menus and tabbed panels to help you provide more information to your readers without making your site look cluttered. Each of these modern templates is customized using Ajax UI elements for easier site integration. In addition, NetObjects offers customizable templates that can be used to create mobile websites.

It makes designing websites easy. NetObjects provides users with high quality and royalty-free stock images, the capability to upload photos in mere minutes and a new image processing engine that can be used to customize your website design. In addition, more advanced users can further customize their websites to suit their needs through CSS.

It has built-in web form building capability. The platform offers useful web form creation tools to allow web owners to collect information from their visitors.

It boosts your SEO efforts. The newest version of NetObjects Fusion makes your site more visible to the search engines with features to include SEO tagging and keyword tools.

It provides useful analytics. This web design and management platform is seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics so you can gather vital information from your visitors.

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It automatically backs up your site. NetObjects Fusion XII automatically creates a backup file to protect your website just in case disaster strikes. It allows you to save a copy of your website files on an external drive, a network drive or other online backup locations.

It provides ecommerce functionalities. You can easily create an online store by using NetObjects. The platform also provides built-in support for various payment processors to facilitate a glitch-free and more secure shopping experience for your visitors.

It provides adequate user support. NetObjects provides a technical support page complete with all the necessary FAQ’s, tutorials and user guides. It also has a support center and a community bulletin board that allows users to post questions and comments about the product.

New features
Some of NetObject Fusion XII’s newer features include the following:

  • Cloud Burst technology. The newest version features the Cloud Burst technology, a revolutionary system used in delivering website templates, photos and images. These website assets are all available for immediate use and can easily be installed with one click.
  • Improved SEO features. It now automatically generates descriptive URLs that can help improve your site’s visibility in the search engines.
  • Re-engineered image processing engine. NetObject’s image processing engine can now be used to design images with transparencies. It also provides PNG support.
  • Cleaner codes. The platform streamlined its codes in an effort to keep up with new browser standards and modern design layouts.

NetObjects for mobile website creationnetojects fusion review
NetObjects also provides mobile website creation capabilities. By using NetObjects MosaicTM, you can create simple yet extremely powerful mobile websites. With NetObjects MosaicTM, you can literally put your website at everyone’s fingertips. Aside from the features that come with the standard NetObjects Fusion, here are some of the most important features that are being offered with this mobile website creation tool:

  • Seamless integration with existing sites and blogs
  • Supports most mobile devices
  • Provides “retina quality” sites (sites that are designed to look good in mobile devices)
  • Cloud hosting for faster browsing experience
  • Click-to-call and click-to-email features
  • SMS protocol that allows customers to text your business directly
  • Built-in social sharing capabilities
  • Twitter integration
  • Promotional QR codes and coupon creation
  • One-touch maps and GPS-enabled directions
  • Utilizes jQuery mobile framework

NetObjects MosaicTM offers a free 30-day trial and requires no credit card information.

The lowdown on using NetObjects Fusion XII
While the newest version provides an easy way to create traditional websites, online stores and mobile websites, some users find it to be a bit less user-friendly as compared to other website building platforms. Some users are put off by the fact that there is no way to see how your website will actually look with the particular template you have chosen. Still others find that using it with a website that has been previously created using another editor can be difficult.

The verdict
It cannot be denied that NetObjects provide an easy way to create traditional and mobile websites. It may offer a lot of features that can be quite useful in designing a powerful website, but there are cheaper alternatives available. Those who are interested can always give the free trial a shot to see if it is the platform for them.

Fusion 2013 USA

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