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To compete in the world, it is necessary to have knowledge, and making money online is certainly no exception. Virtually every successful internet marketer has taken at least one online marketing course. While there are some great courses out there, there are others that are a waste. What are the best ones?

University or home course
Before looking for an online marketing course, it is first necessary to consider what type of courses to go for. That is, whether to go for an accredited course, such as one offered by a college or university, or one that is not. For various reasons, some people need accredited degrees. If this is the case, choices will be more limited and costs higher.

For those who do not need the certification, there are plenty of courses that will cost less and teach much of the same information. There are countless courses that can be found online and studied at one’s own pace from home. They focus on more practical knowledge and will are usually reasonably priced. While they will likely not be of the quality that can be found in a classroom, a good online marketing course will offer much of what can be learned in a more formal setting with videos, course guides, interaction with other students, etc.

In the end, the decision comes down to individual needs, learning styles and one’s financial situation.

What an online marketing course should cover
With online marketing being multifaceted, one single course will never cover everything. However, some of the most important aspects are:

  • SEO (search engine optimization): No matter how well ones does every other aspect of online marketing, it will be hard to make money on the net without optimizing a site to rank higher in the search engines. Any good course will cover various aspects of SEO. For example, some combination of article marketing, social bookmarking, on page SEO, off-page SEOSEO tools and other white hat SEO techniques will be covered in any course.
  • Website development: In web marketing, virtually all customer interaction and sales take place through web sites. Therefore, online marketing courses need to cover how to make the kind of content that will attract people and generate sales. Homepage design, creating landing pages that convert to sales and how to start a websites for free are just a few web development areas that will need attention.
  • Email marketing: Many internet marketing gurus will attest to email marketing being a very effective way to make money online. While it is not for everyone, a course that covers it is more likely to work well.
  • PPC marketing: Not all traffic comes from SEO. Good pay-per-click campaigns often need to be incorporated into web marketing to generate traffic. Learning them in online marketing courses eliminates the costs of learning the right PPC techniques  the hard way.
  • Niche research: The internet is a competitive place, and those who want to do well need to know where to choose their battles. Learning how to find a niche is often the starting point for successful online marketing.
  • Books, videos and other extras: Successful web marketers frequently use a lot more than just standard websites. For example, offering free e-books, videos or podcasts can be ways to attract visitors depending on the website. It is important to know some of these techniques.
  • Outsourcing: Nobody can do it all, but the internet offers ways to outsource many things easily. It is important to know how.

Other things to consider when choosing an online marketing course
Since online marketing is such a huge field and everyone specializes in different areas, it is important to choose courses that are best suited for one’s goals and personality. For example, while some people are more interested in making information sites, others prefer to promote affiliate or their own products.

Practical knowledge: The best online marketing courses are generally earn-and-learn. That is, they will contain practical knowledge and have the students build their online businesses as they follow the course.

Private tutoring: Keep in mind that the lower-cost courses that can be had for a one-time fee online generally include very little, if any, private tutoring. While this is fine for some people, others want more interaction with an instructor or other students. Those who want this type of interaction will need to choose courses with monthly fees, forums and the like.

Some affiliate marketing courses to consider
One of the most famous online marketing courses is Wealthy Affiliate. It charges a monthly fee and offers a lot of training and information. In fact, for beginners, it will likely be too much. One of the criticisms of the program is that it is overwhelming for those who do not have a background marketing online.

Online Marketing CourseWith this in mind, for those without much experience, the best online marketing course is likely one with a narrower focus. For example, Adsense 101 Bootcamp is a complete guide for those wanting to make money from Adsense. With videos, worksheets, a forum and lots of advice, it takes people through the entire process of building a website, SEO and various methods of website promotion without being too all-encompassing.

There are also many courses that cover all the basics for a one-time fee. A good example of one of these courses is Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook. For those able to work on their own, it provides everything they need to know about getting started marketing online. While those taking this course may want to expand their knowledge with other courses later on, it is a great place to start and will save the average user a lot of time and mistakes.

Affilorama is an extensive affiliate marketing training portal with both free and paid memberships. Training covers a wide array of online marketing topics but centers on market and keyword research, email marketing and conversion. It is well suited for beginners, has extensive videos and interviews and includes a number of professional marketing tools.

Those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme need to look outside of Affilorama. It offers long-term training and has an active community of members offering mutual support and advice.

Another way to find good courses and information is to follow internet marketing forums to include Warrior Forum. Lots of great information on marketing online is posted as well as recommendations and advice on what courses are best.

In summary
Those who are not interested in the courses above or unsure of what they want to purse need to step back and gather more information. Use forums and other free information sources to get a better overall understanding of marketing online and narrow in on a certain area that is most compatible with one’s interests. Find a focus to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Look for the most suitable strategy and start learning about it. Other marketing approaches can come later. In time, with the right experience and courses, anyone can gain great knowledge about marketing online.

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