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There are so many different aspects to building and running a website that one single person cannot realistically accomplish all of them manually in a reasonable amount of time, which is a major reason why online marketing tools are so valuable and in high demand. These tools are designed for a variety of purposes, but all of them are built to help site owners save time building, managing, or marketing their sites.

What is an online marketing tool?
An online marketing tool can be any kind of software designed to simplify the steps needed to perform a particular type of website work. Some of these tools can completely automate work, while others will make tasks easier or simplified with the user still in control of the work. The bottom line is that they are made to save time and tedious work, allowing the site owner to keep their focus on more important work.

These tools can tackle a variety of types of work ranging from easy to understand website creation to fast link building. They can also come in a variety of formats. Some of them will be free to use, while others are commercial products that have a one-time fee to use or possibly even monthly fees for more powerful software. Many of them will be standalone software programs that are downloaded, installed, and run on a computer, but there are other popular types.

A large majority of the other online marketing tools will be scripts that run on a web server. These scripts may be hosted and controlled by the developer, or run privately by customers on their own servers. Quite a few of these scripts will actually be plugins or modules for popular content management systems like WordPress, allowing site owners to combine features from multiple scripts.

Website design and creation software
Websites are the headquarters of almost all online marketing campaigns. Combined with the fact that they require special technical knowledge to build from scratch, website creation software is some of the most popular and useful of all marketing tools.

There are both free and commercial solutions available that are powerful and reliable. Some of these tools will be actual computer software that is intended for website design, like Dreamweaver or Frontpage. They will allow people to make their own site, even if they have never created a site before. This type of software is a visual site creator, which means inexperienced designers won’t have to bother with confusing code.

The other major kinds of website creators are content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, which are scripts that get installed on a web server. These scripts allow customized site designs, but their main purpose is easy content creation and updating. They allow people to focus on writing and building pages on their site without the need for technical or programming knowledge. These scripts are also ideal because they can utilize plugins to expand their capabilities.

One nice feature about these content management systems is that they have many plugins that make modifying the site or doing SEO and other tasks much easier. WordPress affiliate website covers the complete process of building a WordPress site and optimizing it with SEO plugins widgets and other tools.

Search engine marketing tools
Traffic generation is another major type of online marketing tool. These tools can also be designed for a variety of purposes. Some of them are made for managing search engine PPC marketing campaigns, but most of them are built for search engine optimization, or SEO.

There are a number of free websites that have built tools that accomplish different things, but many of the powerful search engine marketing tools will be commercial and may even require monthly fees to use. These monthly fees are necessary for some tools of this type, especially when they interact with Google because they charge for access to their API system and base the fees on usage volume.

SEO tools can also have a variety of purposes. Some of them will help site owners optimize their website content to gain better search engine rankings. A number of the top ones can be found at SEO tools. Other tools will perform tasks off-site, like tracking search engine rankings automatically. SEO checkers covers some of the best ones to use for this purpose.

Affiliate advertising generation
A lot of marketers create websites to generate sales by promoting affiliate advertising offers. As a result, there is an entire industry of tools and plugins designed to make this process easier and faster. Many of these are plugins for content management systems like WordPress (see WordPress affiliate marketing plugins and WordPress ecommerce plugins). Typically, each of them will be designed to work with a specific affiliate network, although some of them will support multiple programs.

Most of the major affiliate networks offer API systems that allow scripts to communicate with them to obtain information about products or services that affiliates can promote. Online marketing tools will often take advantage of these API systems to give users access to product information without having to visit the site for the affiliate network to find products. A lot of these scripts will even automatically create affiliate advertisements using this information, which can help a site owner complete a time-consuming process with a single click of their mouse.

Advertisements that get created by these tools and plugins will vary from one tool to the next, so people interested in this type of software will want to search around for something which can generate advertising in a style that will work well with their site. Some of them will even create more complicated types of advertising, like review comparison charts, instead of simple affiliate ads.

E-mail marketing services
Online Marketing ToolMany different kinds of websites rely on email marketing  to generate new customer leads and sell their products. Just like the other types of online marketing tools, there is a wide variety of email marketing tools, even though most of them have the same basic purpose.

Although there are a lot of free solutions for email marketing, there can be a lot of disadvantages to using them. Email lists are important for marketers, so they need to do everything they can to ensure that they do not lose subscribers. One of the easiest ways to lose subscribers is by using free email marketing tools.

Eventually, all lists will outgrow these free solutions. When that time comes, and a list gets moved to a commercial email newsletter service, all the subscribers will have to reconfirm their email address. This can result in a massive loss of subscribers, making it very important for all newsletters to be created with commercial services such as AWeber from the beginning.


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