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One of the original ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer was with pay-per-impression affiliate programs, and this payout structure is still used today. Overall, it is not as heavily used as it used to be, but it can still be an effective way to earn advertising revenue on some sites.

The basic idea behind pay-per-impression advertising is that advertisers pay affiliates a certain amount of money for every 1,000 views an advertisement receives. This means that website owners with steady, daily traffic have the potential to earn a lot of money with this type of affiliate program.

In general, most pay per impression affiliate programs use banner advertisements of various sizes instead of text links that are commonly used with pay per click advertising. However, some pay per impression networks will actually pay extra when an ad receives a click. This gives the affiliate some type of guaranteed earnings with the potential to earn a lot more with high-quality traffic that is truly interested in what the advertisement offers.

Certain types of websites may receive a large amount of traffic that actually doesn’t work too well with pay-per-click or commission based advertising. As an example, a site that offers Flash based games will likely receive a lot of daily page views from visitors playing games, but that site likely has problems generating ad revenue with advertising like pay-per-click or earning commissions for referring sales. However, a pay-per-impression network could help that site make a decent guaranteed income from the daily traffic it receives, regardless of if that traffic responds to the advertising or not.

When a potential affiliate is selecting a pay-per-impression affiliate program, it is important for them to consider how their website works and why people visit it to be able to make an educated decision on the most suitable network to choose. Take a look through our recommend list of programs to decide which one will work the best for a particular website.

Google Adsense
Although this network is typically considered to be a pay-per-click affiliate program, they actually have an option to show banner ads with many of their ad sizes. With these banner ads, many of the advertisers pay some type of earnings per impression.Pay Per Impression Affiliate Programs

In general, affiliates who depend on impression revenue instead of clicks may be able to find better earnings with another network. However, an affiliate who is confident in their ability to generate both impressions and regular clicks can have significant earnings with Google Adsense.

A major advantage to using Google Adsense is the fact that they have access to a huge number of advertisers in almost any given niche. Since highly targeted ads offer the most earnings and best response, this is a very important factor to consider when selecting a pay-per-impression affiliate program that may also offer earnings from clicks.

One of the leading pay-per-impression affiliate programs is Advertising.com. They have an absolutely huge network that pays for over a billion impressions every single day on some of the largest sites on the internet.

The interesting thing about Advertising.com is the variety of ad types that affiliates have access to use with a pay-per-impression payment structure. In addition to tradition banner ads, they also offer text-based sponsored listings and an impressive array of video solutions.

Their video solutions are one of a kind in this industry. Affiliates can integrate advertising into their own videos to earn revenue whenever the video is watched. There are also advertisers on Advertising.com that are globally recognized brands, and they have their own branded video content that affiliates can put on their websites to earn money for each view.

There is even a premium video library that affiliates have access to use for integration on their sites. These non-intrusive ways of presenting advertising to website visitors are amazing innovations for affiliate marketers that have typically had to rely on invasive strategies to earn a decent income. With Advertising.com, useful content can be created on an affiliate website that will actually generate money.

Tribal Fusion
One of the highest paying pay-per-impression affiliate programs is Tribal Fusion, but this network will not work for all affiliates. Tribal Fusion is known for maintaining a high-quality publisher network, so they have strict site requirements that potential affiliates must meet to even be considered to join.

To be considered as a potential publisher for Tribal Fusion, a site must have plenty of unique content that is updated regularly, a loyal and active user base, and a lot of unique visitors every month. In most cases, a website that actually qualifies for this program will likely be monetizing their site with another network before they even consider applying for Tribal Fusion.

Affiliates who do qualify for Tribal Fusion will want to try to get accepted to this network because their pay-per-impression ads offer some of the highest payouts in the entire industry. The advertisers on this network are willing to pay more per impression because of the strict publisher requirements, since this helps to ensure that most traffic on this network will be high quality.

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