High Payouts with Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

One of the easiest ways to make money online is with pay-per-lead affiliate programs. The concept behind a pay-per-lead network is simple. Affiliates send their website traffic to sign-up forms and get paid for every qualified lead that completes the sign-up form.

There are a variety of different kinds of companies that offer pay-per-lead affiliate programs, but there are a few specific industries that are known for offering this type of commission payment structure to affiliates. A large majority of online insurance, dating, education, and personal-finance companies will offer this type of program.

Most of these common pay-per-lead industries deal with services that results in a recurring revenue for them, which is why they are willing to pay nice commissions just to get contact information for someone interested in their services. To a certain extent, this puts the burden of landing a sale on the vendor instead of the affiliate, which is quite different from how most other affiliate programs operate.

While affiliates will not be responsible for referring sales to pay-per-lead networks, it is still important that affiliates ensure they are sending high-quality traffic to the advertiser offers. Referring a large number of low-quality leads that do not result in sales can lead to an advertiser suspending an affiliate from participation in their program.

Potential affiliates can review our recommendations for the top pay-per-lead affiliate programs to find one that best suits the needs of their website traffic. By promoting relational offers to site visitors, affiliates can be confident that they are doing everything within their power to send high-quality leads to their advertisers, which helps to ensure long-term success with these networks.

Although there are independently run affiliate programs paying per lead in a wide variety of industries, our reviews here consist of the major networks that offer this type of payout structure as an option to their advertisers. While not all offers on these networks will be pay per lead, these programs have the most offers available of this type for a variety ofproducts and services.Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Commission Junction
Quite possibly the best pay-per-lead affiliate network is Commission Junction. They manage affiliate programs for major companies and corporations that meet their minimum monthly sales requirements. This means that advertisers on Commission Junction have access to a lot of revenue to build their businesses. Affiliates can take advantage of this by joining this network to promote a variety of affiliate offers available from their advertisers.

Commission Junction is recommended for a pay-per-lead program because of the wide variety of advertisers they have supporting this type of commission structure. All the major pay-per-lead niche industries have companies in this network.

The education, finance, and insurance industries often offer some of the best rates among pay-per-lead programs because these industries involve high-dollar value purchases. However, affiliates only need to refer people interested in these purchases, while the advertisers are responsible for converting their leads in to sales.

A leading affiliate program that offers PPL advertising is Affiliate.com. This is a smaller network than Commission Junction, but it offers a lot of high-quality advertisers. Many of these advertisers pay for each customer lead, although there are sales based commissions on this network too.

One of the unique features about Affiliate.com is that they offer additional services to affiliate marketers that allow them to do all of their business with a single company. These services include important marketing services like domain name registration, website hosting servers, and email newsletter list management. For beginner marketers that already have enough to worry about, these extra services can save a lot of time and effort while allowing the affiliate to concentrate on referring traffic.

Affiliate.com also claims to be the highest paying affiliate program. They even boast to have the best commissions from companies that use a variety of affiliate programs, which means affiliates can earn more here with those advertisers on this network than they can with other networks. Another added benefit is the ability to receive weekly payments if an affiliate as a decent weekly sales volume. Otherwise, payments are still made every two weeks.

One network solely dedicated to pay-per-lead affiliate programs is T3Leads. Since they only offer lead based commissions, their technology is geared towards this type of advertising. This results in better earnings for affiliates because businesses come to T3Leads just to buy leads.

The interesting thing about T3Leads is that they have specific lead programs available that includes payday loans, auto loans, insurance, credit cards, UK payday loans, and home improvement. Affiliates can generate leads for any of these programs, and then businesses can purchase available leads.

What makes T3Leads unique is that their leads are dynamically priced based on factors like lead quality, location filters, and the completeness of a lead application. This means that affiliates referring higher-quality leads will be able to earn more money per lead with this network.

The downside to this network is that there is no guarantee that all referred leads will actually sell, but the ones that do sell often sell for a nice price. Affiliates will be able to find average earnings per lead for each of the different lead programs offered by T3Leads.

They also disclose the differences in average lead price based on where traffic is coming from, such as email newsletter, SEO, or PPC traffic. This information helps to put affiliates in control of their earnings by specifically telling them how to make the most money per lead.

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