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There are more people in the USA that own pets than people who do not. People who have pets love their animals and often spoil them with a wide variety of pet products. With this and everything else that must be purchased regularly, it is easy to understand why affiliate marketers find pet affiliate programs to be a good choice.

The niches
Affiliate website builders can enjoy many different niche possibilities within the pets category. There are numerous types of pets that are popular, everything from dogs to hamsters, snakes and horses, not to mention other kinds of more exotic animals. Add to these the various issues that need to be addressed. For example, there is food, crates, medical care, toys and many other categories of accessories. 

Selecting niches
Consider how many kinds of pets there are, and then think about how the wide variety of pet-related items that are produced for each type of pet. Every different combination that you can think of is another possible niche website that a pet affiliate marketer can build.

Affiliates will do best to select a single type of pet to use as the topic for a niche site. For many of the more popular kinds of animals, it may even be a good idea to select a specific topic about that pet to use as the overall subject of a site. This strategy allows search engines to recognize smaller websites because of the focused nature of the content on niche sites.

Beyond different kinds of animals as pets, marketers also find a lot of success from building websites centered around a specific type of pet-related product. In addition to physical products that are shipped to consumers or services to include insurance, there are a wide variety of digital products for pet owners. These digital products can be books, e-books, audio, movies, or video.

Many of these digital products for pet owners will target a specific training issue with a type of animal or perhaps a health issue that can be avoided with proper care. The number of potential topics that could be used for the subject of a niche website for pets are nearly endless, but it’s still important for marketers to actually make a decision on what they will promote before they start making a new website or even register a domain for it.

Reviews of some of the best pet affiliate programs can be found below.

Pets Warehouse
A nationally recognized online retailer for pet supplies is Pets Warehouse, and they also have a wider selection of products than any other online pet supply company. This recognition and selection presents a prime opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote their products to earn commissions on referred sales.

Whatever the kind of pet niche an affiliate website caters to, Pets Warehouse is sure to have a wide selection of available products to promote. Complete pet e-commerce stores can be created as a Pets Warehouse affiliate, which is one of the main reasons they are a recommended pick among the various pet affiliate programs.

Pets Warehouse is a vendor with Share A Sale, which also has a number of other merchants offering pet-related products for affiliates on its network, to include Only Natural Pet, which offers a variety of natural holistic pet supplies. Potential affiliates may want to browse through other programs this network.

Commission Junction
Another affiliate network with a lot of merchants that offer pet products is Commission Junction. Some of the merchants on this site include 24PetWatch (pet Insurance and finding lost pets), Pet-Supermarket (foods for every kind of pet), PETCO Animal Supplies (a wide array of pet supplies) and Total Pet Supply (pet health).

Pet Affiliate ProgramsAmazon Associates
One of the leading online retailers for pet supplies is Amazon, so pet affiliates may be interested in promoting their products. Amazon Associates offers a sliding scale for their commission rate, which is based on the monthly sales volume of an affiliate. Because of this sliding scale, affiliates will generally want to only promote Amazon products to make their commissions as high as possible.

There are many kinds of pet supplies and other related products on Amazon. Amazon offers a huge selection of products from thousands of different pet retailers in various categories to include books, e-books, pet supplies, movies, magazines, and more.

Affiliates also have the added benefit of promoting a worldwide recognized brand for an online retailer with the Amazon affiliate program. This recognition factor increases the trust level of a potential customer, which increases the probability of a completed sale.

This is the parent company of both PetFoodDirect.com and petMD.com.

PetFoodDirect.com offers a wide assortment of pet foods and supplies from a great number of brands, while petMD.com claims to be the largest resource on pet health information in the world. With commissions up to 11%, a 30-day cookie and high average order sizes, there is a lot about these programs to like.

The leading online retailer for pet related digital products is Clickbank. While many of these products may not be considered a necessity for a lot of pet owners, there are a lot of really great pet products on Clickbank that convert well.

The variety of pet products on Clickbank is pretty good. Since they are digital products, most of them are limited to being e-books, videos, or membership sites. However, there are many different kinds of training manuals, pet guides, health guides, and other pet related digital products available on this network.

Members of this pet affiliate program have the benefit of some of the highest paying commissions in the pet industry. The commission rate with Clickbank will always be better than even the best online retailer for physical goods, like pet supplies.

This is completely normal because profit margins on shipped item sales are generally much lower than digital products, but it doesn’t mean affiliates should only promote digital products for pets. In general, most niche sites for pets will be able to use Clickbank along with a pet affiliate program that sells pet supplies with good results.

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