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Online pharmacies have become a convenient and discounted source for many common medications, and the need to control health care costs are likely to expand their reach. As health is a huge and growing industry, marketers that partner with pharmacy affiliate programs to market these products can potentially earn some of the most lucrative profits. However, legal issues can be tricky and marketers need to be careful about what and where they market.

There are a number of pharmacies, generally based overseas, that are selling controlled medications, sometimes counterfeit, without prescriptions. You need to ensure you stay away from becoming affiliated with these sites, as it could bring a loss of your business or worse later.

Those who want to sell prescription medication will need permission. In the US and Canada, Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) accreditation is required.

An easier way to ensure FDA compliance is not to carry any controlled substances. In general, they do not stock any types of pills that people would actually want to abuse. Instead, these pharmacies carry useful medication that helps to treat, prevent, or cure various medical conditions like sexual health, weight loss, birth control, antibiotics, mental health, and skin disease.

These online pharmacies emphasize and encourage consulting a physician to ensure that a particular medication is right for a customer, and that it won’t have any reactions to other conditions or medications. Marketers participating in the pharmacy affiliate programs will also want to ensure that they do not encourage their own recommendations over proper advice from a physician.

We have provided reviews on some of the best pharmacy affiliate programs that allow affiliate marketers to promote legally regulated online pharmacies. Except for brand-name and generic medication availability, there is not a lot of difference between the products that these pharmacies are able to offer, so potential affiliates will want to take a look at the fine details of each program to determine which one will work best for them.

The Market Health Affiliate Program helps its affiliate promote some of the best health and beauty offers online. They promise high-paying commissions and advanced tracking software. Offers range from men’s health to weight loss and beauty products.

They offer branded websites, a two-tier affiliated program, XML product feeds, real-time stats and other tools.

The payout minimum is only $20, and they will track commissions on all newsletter, mail order and phone sales as well as those online.

While this program is primarily health and beauty products, they are safe and popular.

A leading online supplier of generic prescription medication is 4Rx, which has a reputation as a quality and reliable supplier. They strictly follow all regulatory guidelines to ensure that they are able to retain the proper legal status to operate. Affiliates can join their affiliate program to take advantage of promoting an online pharmacy that has some brand-name recognition.

Pharmacy Affiliate Programs4Rx has good commission rates and represent an network of online pharmaceutical sites. However, they do not carry brand-name medications or have multiple sites with different specialties in their network. However, there are a couple of advantages of 4Rx that other programs do not offer to their affiliates.

One of the best aspects about 4Rx is that they do not accept or ever solicit any kind of phone orders. Affiliate marketers know that phone ordering can cause them to lose their commissions, but this will never happen as a 4Rx affiliate. Another advantage is that they employ designers who will actually help affiliates to create landing pages, banners, or any other kind of creative promotional materials.

4Rx also has a couple of incentives for customers that actually help affiliates make more money. The first is a new customer discount coupon code that affiliates can distribute. Customers want to use this code to receive a special discount on their order total, but it also gives credit to the referring affiliate for the sale without special affiliate links. 4Rx also encourages them to return for a future purchase with re-order discounts offers to all customers. Whenever additional purchases are made, the original referring affiliate receives the commissions.

This is another network that concentrates primary on health and beauty, weight loss, pain relief and similar products. It has a reputation of stressing quality over quantity. Although its selection of products is limited, it generally gets high marks for how they convert and the support they offer. For example, there are pictures, testimonials, articles and other useful resources for those promoting their products. Affiliates are assigned a mentor and get advanced tracking and lifetime cookies.

SellHealth focuses primarily on sexual health and anti-aging products, but there are also a considerable number of diet and general health products to choose from. They strive to offer highly-converting products that come with endorsements from leading medical authorities, and all sales come with with money-back guarantees for customers.

Commissions range from 30%-50% for all first level sales with 5% for downline sales.


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