How to Find and Use PLR Content in Online Marketing

What is PLR and how can it help boost an online business owner’s profits? Well, in a nutshell, PLR refers to ‘Private Label Rights’ or the license given by an author to another person regarding the use of the digital products (such as articles, ebooks, scripts, graphics, templates, audios and/or videos) the author created.

Before going any further, it is important to note that there are two kinds of PLRs – those that grant exclusive rights and those that merely offer non-exclusive rights. Buying PLR products with exclusive rights allows the buyer the right to use the product in whatever manner seen fit. As such, they can put their names or pen names as the authors of the products or modify, sell, resell and repurpose them in a number of ways.

On the other hand, buying PLR products that come with non-exclusive rights may not offer the same flexibility. Therefore, it is best to understand what is included in the rights before deciding to buy anything to avoid getting into trouble.

Benefits of using PLR

What benefits can an online business owner get from using PLR products? Here are some of them:

  • Reduce the amount of time devoted to content creation. Needless to say, putting up good-quality content is one of the most essential yet most time-consuming tasks in web marketing. By using PLR products, any business owner can significantly reduce the time allotted for content creation and use it to look after other aspects of the business instead.
  • Build online credibility. Internet experts agree that sharing more content across multiple online platforms is one of the most effective ways to be recognized as an expert in a particular field. As such, using PLR materials properly will increase one’s chances of gaining an expert status in any niche within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Start building digital assets. Every tiny bit of information that gets published in the web can contribute to an online business owner’s digital assets and may, likewise, provide the means to reach prospective buyers and clients.

How to use PLR products for maximum returns

PLR products such as articles and reports can be used in a variety of ways to include:

  • Blog content. PLR articles can be used to add fresh, informative content to any site. As many of you already know, search engines favor blogs and websites that are regularly updated with content offering value to readers. For best results, consider rewriting the titles/bodies or putting a unique spin to the articles before using them. Primary keywords and/or key phrases may be used within the title and body of the articles to further increase their SEO potential.
  • Autoresponder and newsletter content. The same PLR materials can also be used as content for autoresponders and newsletters. Since this is not posting them online, duplicate content will not be as much of an issue, so editing can be kept at a minimum. However, quality must always be maintained to get the most out of your efforts.
  • Basis in creating a unique info product. People who are in the business of creating and selling info products can benefit greatly from using PLR products. By using them as an outline and/or reference material in creating new products (such as e-courses, ebooks and audio books), a significant amount of time and effort can be shaved off in the process.
  • As a freebie. Experienced online marketers frequently use freebies to encourage people to sign up for mailing lists (see affiliate marketing list building), to enhance customer loyalty or in incentivized CPA offers. In the same manner, providing free reports can encourage people to buy your own products or the products you are promoting as an affiliate.
  • As content for membership sites. Much like providing regularly updated content for blogs and websites, PLR products also make a great addition to membership sites.
  • Videos or podcasts. Converting PLR products to videos and/or podcasts can be another great and innovative way of using them. Going through this route can inevitably help increase blog traffic and further boost an online business owner’s credibility.
  • Basis for creating sales pages. Writing sales pages is a lot easier if there is ready information at your disposal and using PLR products can be used as a guide.
  • Content for feeder sites. PLR materials are useful in providing content to feeder sites. They can serve as the basis for creating Squidoo lenses, Blogger blogs and other free online publishing platforms. When done properly, this technique can help enhance a site’s SEO while bringing in direct traffic.
  • Content for social media networking sites. The same PLR materials can be used to enhance social media visibility. Consider snipping some good content and posting it on Twitter and Facebook.

Additionally, PLR articles may be tweaked and submitted as press releases and guest blog posts. They are sometimes used as a basis for writing articles for article marketing as well.

Acquiring PLR productsPLR products

There are two ways by of purchasing PLR products – by buying content packages from PLR sites and/or by joining PLR membership sites. When buying content packages, buyers only need to pay for the materials they really need while avoiding monthly membership fees.

However, joining PLR membership sites also has its own set of benefits. The better-run PLR membership sites are known to make extra efforts in providing good-quality products for their members to make sure they don’t lose them to other PLR sites. Good sites usually provide a complete ready-to-go package that any online business owner can use to enter a new niche at any given time.

Some good PLR content is totally free, although the best is usually paid.

Tips in choosing the best PLR sites

Like everything else, PLR sites are not all created equal. There are those that provide good value for money while others should be avoided like the plague. Therefore, when choosing PLR sites, it may be a wise idea to consider the following guidelines:

  • Look for a PLR site with a proven track record. Do some research before buying any individual PLR packages or joining any PLR membership site. Find out who is behind the site and his reputation in the online world, while making sure the site is backed up by solid testimonials.
  • Choose one that offers fresh and quality content. When choosing PLR sites, quality should take precedence over quantity. As much as possible, go for PLR sites that offer 100% new products (not rehashed or rewritten versions of previous PLR products) on a monthly basis.
  • Consider the products being offered. Business owners should consider what they need before deciding on PLR sites. Remember, a lot of these sites that cater to different niches and needs. Some be specialize in articles while others concentrate on providing ebooks and reports. There are also those that offer PowerPoint presentations and webinar scripts so you can run your own webinar in minutes. By knowing what is really needed, you are much more likely to find the best match.
  • Pick a PLR site that is not saturated in terms of membership. Look for PLR sites with limited membership. Take note that the value of the products starts to diminish as the number of people who are allowed to use them increases.
  • Choose one that offers bonuses and extras. Due to the stiff competition, a lot of PLR are throwing in some nice extras to get ahead of the pack. Some offer text, audio and video tutorials, eye-catching graphics and rebrandable PSD files as well as high converting sales pages and opt-in forms, while others even provide easy access to in-house writers and programmers for significantly reduced fees.
  • Choose one that provides an unbeatable support system. To get an indication of how good a site’s support really is, try contacting them before joining to test their response.

Some recommended PLR sites

Considering that not all PLR sites are created equal, here are some PLR sites that come highly recommended by online marketers over at the WarriorForum.

PLR Sites with No Membership Required

  • AllStarPLR (http://allstarplr.com)
  • Business Content PLR (http://businesscontentplr.com/)
  • Easy PLR (http://www.easyplr.com/)
  • NetPLR (http://www.netplr.com/)
  • Niche Content Packages (http://niche-content-packages.com/)
  • Niche PLR Article Packs (http://www.nicheplrarticlepacks.com/)
  • PLR ala Carte (http://plralacarte.com/)
  • PLR Express (http://plrexpress.com/)
  • PLR Content Marketplace (http://plrcontentmarketplace.com/)
  • PLR MegaMart (http://www.plrmegamart.com/)
  • PLR MiniMart by Tiffany Dow (http://www.plrminimart.com/dlg/cart/)

Note: Most of these sites offer free PLR articles so buyers can have an idea of the quality of the articles they will be getting.

PLR Membership Sites

  • 888 World Club (http://888worldclub.com/)
  • InfoGoRound (http://www.infogoround.com/home.html)
  • PLR Assassin (http://www.plrassassin.com/)
  • PLR eBook Club (http://www.plrebookclub.com/index_1.html)
  • PLR – Private Label Content (http://www.plr.me/)
  • ResellItForProfit (http://resellitforprofit.com/)
  • Resell Rights Mastery (http://resellrightsmastery.com/)
  • Surefiirewealth (http://www.surefirewealth.com/)

Where to get free PLR products

There are a number of sites that offer free PLR products. Here are some of them:

  • Newbie Learning Center (http://newbielearningcenter.com/nlc/index.php)
  • PLR eBook Club (http://www.plrebookclub.com/free-plr.html)
  • PLR Wholesaler (http://plrwholesaler.com/)
  • Resell Rights Weekly (http://resell-rights-weekly.com/)
  • Weekly Free PLR Articles (http://www.weeklyfreeplrarticles.com/)

Used correctly, PLR products can be a great tool in the online world.

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