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While SEO is the top long-term strategy to get visitors to a website, it is not the most practical option in every situation. Particularly for those marketing online who need to get visitors to their sites quickly, PPC (pay per click) is often the best option. However, since this form of advertising can rapidly eat up an ad budget if not carried out properly, it should always start with PPC training.

More complicated than you would expect
Although it may seem simple enough at first glance, PPC advertising is about a lot more than just bidding on keywords. Those who approach it without enough knowledge are likely to spend more money than necessary and get poor results. For example, there are basic strategies for bidding on keywords. Should you bid higher for a popular keyword that attracts more visitors, or is it better to put more into less popular keywords with lower bids but fewer visitors? PPC training will help you look at factors to include the relevancy of the content to find answers.

What PPC training will teach
Good PPC training can help you with creating great ads, finding the right keywords (as well as avoiding the wrong ones), the most effective bidding strategies, targeting of ads and many other things. These include the following:

  • Keyword tools: There are a lot of tools to choose from, and you need to know how to use them properly to find the right keywords.
  • Identify negative keywords: Not every variation of a keyword should be bid on. For example, perhaps a site selling widgets will not get much return on keywords related to making widgets and should list them as negative keywords.
  • Write better ads: Ads are very short and every word counts. PPC training can teach you to write superior ads with an emotive appeal that will bring more clicks. Good ads will also be better at attracting clicks from visitors who are likely to make a purchase, etc. Therefore, less money is spent on wasted clicks.
  • Writing relevant ads: Depending on the network, ads that are more relevant to the keywords will rank higher. Other factors, to include how often people click on the ads, will also influence where ads appear.
  • Geographic targeting: In both the ad settings and content, there are ways to target ads so that they will get clicks from visitors in areas where the ad money can be spent most effectively.
  • Keyword testing: Learn techniques of testing keywords to select the best ones.
  • Ad testing: There various ways to test ads in short runs to find the most effective ones.
  • Deciphering analytics: PPC campaigns come with a lot of analytics reporting. It is necessary to know how to understand this information to fine tune campaigns.

ppc training

In short, PPC training is basically about lowering your cost per click while bringing in more quality visitors. PPC gives advertisers more control and information than any other form of advertising. It takes time to learn how to best use it. The following PPC advertising tips provide more information on creating campaigns.

Finding PPC training

PPC advertising is big business and there is a lot of training available, from the costly to the free.

Google Adwords and other networks
Those who offer PPC advertising usually also provide some training on how to use it. These networks have an incentive to do this since helping advertisers create effective campaigns will help keep them coming back and spending their ad money. The best example of this free training is at Google Adwords. Once you have created an account, go into the Help section and look for their beginners guide. While the information is often specific to Adwords, much of it is not and can be applied wherever you do PPC advertising.

Personal coaches and forums
Affiliate marketing forums and other related forms often have free information on PPC advertising. Personal PPC training coaches can also be found on these forums for those who would like more personalized instruction and are willing to pay for it. This is the most expensive option.

PPC membership sites
For a monthly fee, these sites will provide extensive PPC training programs.  There are a number of training programs that can offer good value. PPC Academy is recommended or try a web search to find other sites.

There are a lot of great books on PPC that will get any affiliate marketer started out right. An Amazon search for the terms “ppc advertising” will turn up a lot of books on PPC training with excellent reviews.

PPC services
If you are one of those who does not have the time to do proper PPC training, the most effective method of PPC advertising may be to use PPC services. The right service will do all the work and create good campaigns for a fee.

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