Earn from the Market with Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Real estate is a huge industry with a lot of money changing hands, even in a bad economy. Affiliate marketers can claim a piece of this industry’s profits by joining reputable real estate affiliate programs.

These programs offer a wide variety of ways for affiliates to refer customers to earn commissions. The types of products that affiliates can promote include websites that sell memberships for real estate and foreclosure listings, real estate software, and even real estate agent licensing certification.

The companies that run real estate affiliate programs also offer a variety of commission earning structures. Most of these commissions are pay per click, pay per lead or pay per sale.

This variety of commission structures gives affiliates the opportunity to promote real estate offers with numerous marketing techniques. Pay-per-lead is a popular way for affiliates to earn commissions with traffic from pay-per-click advertising, while other commission types work best with niche affiliate sites.

Since there are a lot of different real estate affiliate programs, it is important to decide what kind of products and services to promote. Affiliate websites that will target real estate products will want to be sure to only promote products that will be relevant to the website content.

Sites that focus on a specific type of real estate traffic will have better success with search engine rankings. Take a look through the recommended real estate affiliate programs below to help decide what type of real estate niche to target.

Home Gain
This is a popular real estate affiliate program because of its commission payout structure and also the fact that the site affiliates promote is free for consumers to use. The point of Home Gain is to match buyers and sellers for home sales, so they offer free resources for consumers to help them find a realtor and homes for sale.

The Home Gain affiliate program is simple to understand. Affiliates refer website visitors to Home Gain to compare local realtors and search through MLS, the Multiple Listings Service, which is a nationwide listing of homes for sale.

Since the referred website visitors will not be purchasing anything directly from Home Gain, affiliates earn commissions on a pay-per-click basis. This means that each website visitor sent to Home Gain through an affiliate link or advertisement will earn money for the affiliate.

The leading online resource of home foreclosure listings is Foreclosure.com. They offer a twice daily updated database of the most current listings of homes for sale, which includes foreclosure properties.

Affiliates can join the Foreclosure affiliate program to earn recurring commissions by referring active subscribers. Membership accounts for Foreclosure are billed weekly,  so there is a great opportunity here for affiliates to earn a generous recurring income.Real Estate Affiliate Programs

One of the other reasons this is a leading real estate affiliate program is because of the wide variety of affiliate resources, tools and software offered for free. Training resources are available to affiliates to teach them how to be effective affiliate marketers.

Other software allows affiliates to co-brand Foreclosure listings and integrate them into an external website. A WordPress plugin to integrate Foreclosure listings and a map search widget are just a couple of examples of tools available to their affiliates.

Affiliates interested in joining Foreclosure can apply as an internal affiliate or through the Commission Junction network. Affiliates only interested in promoting this company may want to use the internal affiliate program, but Commission Junction will offer a variety of other real estate affiliate programs to affiliates.

Real Estate Express
The highest paying real estate school affiliate program is Real Estate Express, which is the leading online real estate school. They also boast the longest conversion period and fastest payments in the real estate affiliate industry.

Real Estate Express specializes in guaranteed certification training real estate agent exams and licensing. They offer training for a real estate broker license, real estate appraiser license, continuing education, real estate post license and exam prep.

Affiliates can take advantage of the lucrative world of training for real estate careers by joining the Real Estate Express affiliate program to earn commissions on referred sales for any of their licensing or other training programs.

Although there are sure to be a lot of other real estate school affiliate programs online, one can find a few important reasons to stick with a leading company like Real Estate Express. Real estate schools must be certified and State approved to be able to grant valid real estate licenses based on exam results.

Real Estate Express was the first online real estate licensing school with all the proper credentials. Potential customers interested in a real estate career will be aware of these school requirements, so the accredited status of Real Estate Express will be an instant trust builder that boosts conversion rates.

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