Review and Best Uses of Ninja Affiliate

Most affiliate marketers soon find themselves promoting a wide assortment of offers on a large number of pages on their sites. With promotions frequently changing and websites expanding, keeping everything up to date can become quite confusing and time consuming. For WordPress users, Ninja Affiliate by MaxBlogPress is a popular plugin that helps organize and automate the process while offering better tracking and other features.

What is Ninja Affiliate?
Ninja Affiliate is a plugin that allows you to organize and track all your affiliate links from a single place within your admin. Other important features include automatically turning selected keywords into affiliate links of your choice, stats and cloaking features that will be explained in more detail below.

How it works
Once the plugin is installed, all its features can be managed inside of WordPress under Tools > MBP Ninja Affiliate. Starting with Add New Link, you will get the following.

Adding links
Under Add a New Link, users see a simple interface that allows them to quickly add their affiliate links. The most important features are as follows:add new link

  • The affiliate/destination link: Your affiliate links are added or changed here. As affiliate products and offers often change, it is a great time saver to be able to simply change the link in one place and have it automatically updated all across your site. There is no need to search through the site and find every place where the link was inserted.
  • Ninja link: This allows you to create a link that uses your domain name and a keyword of your choice. For example, instead of some long URL that contains your affiliate ID, you can have just your domain followed by words of your choice such as the following: http://yourdomainname.com/keyword
  • Group: You can group your links into categories for easier management later.
  • Cloak it: As with a ninja link, you create your own URL. However, if you use this option, the URL will continue to appear as your domain followed by your selected keyword even after the user goes to it (when uncloaked, the user will see the URL of the merchant’s site). Many think this makes you look more professional and stops commission theft as well as search engine penalties site may experience for having too many affiliate links.
  • Show in editor: If you want to add a link directly into a post, you can select it in the editor highlighting the keyword and choosing the link.
  • Convert keywords to ninja links: If you use this option, any keywords you input (you can input a number of keywords or phrases for each link) will automatically be converted into affiliate links in the post. This is a huge time saver as a product or service may be mentioned at a number of places throughout a site and having to add and change these manually is something you do not want to do

convert keywords to affiliate links

Keywords to Ninja Links Options
This area also has a number of cool features.

  • The first is setting the maximum number of keywords Ninja Affiliate will convert to affiliate links. As too many links will make a site look spammy, it is usually a good idea to limit the number of times any keywords will convert to a link on a page to 2-3.
  • In addition, the total number of times all keywords on a page (not just those for one link) will become links can also be limited.

ninja links options

  • All affiliate links can set to open in a new window and automatically be labeled nofollow.
  • Other features, to include custom formatting of links, are also available here.

Measuring traffic
Ninja affiliate will tell you how many people click on your affiliate links and where on the site they came from. In addition, you can add sub campaigns so you know what marketing efforts are working. For example, if you use a link in an email campaign, you only need to add a dash and word to the ninja link, and the traffic will be recorded separately.

Backup and restore
To protect your work, the Backup/Restore feature allows you to export and import all links and settings.

Directly insert affiliate links
keywords to ninja linksIf you need to be 100% sure certain words on a page will become an affiliate link, you can use the following feature that you can select to appear in your kitchen sink that will give you all your affiliate links. You only need to highlight the words you want linked and click on Ninja Affiliate to get the link you would like.

Overall advantages
You save a lot of time, avoid dead links on your site and can potentially earn a lot more in affiliate commissions.


  • If you use permalinks and the keyword you for the URL is the same as one you set to convert to an affiliate link, clicking on the page will take you to the affiliate landing page and not the page on your site.
  • You cannot exclude headings from being linked.

To avoid this, you must not use linked keywords in these places.

A single site license costs $37 and an unlimited license, which you can use on as many sites as you own, costs $97. It is a lifetime purchase with free updates.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

If you do not like the product, there is a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

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