Finding Affiliate Offers on JVZoo.com

While most affiliate marketers selling digital products start out with ClickBank with its many products and tools, there are other digital product affiliate sites as well. JVZoo is one of these sites where lower competition and other benefits can be found.

The products featured on JVZoo
There are many niche-specific products featured on JVZoo. Most of them are eBooks and video courses; however, there are also membership sites with recurring payments. The site is similar to ClickBank in a way that it tells affiliate marketers about the number of units sold, the conversion, earning per click and can rank the different offers based on profitability and popularity.

Although the site sometimes has PLR products featured that are also available on other sites, it is a good starting point. There are some Warrior Forum special offers with an integrated JVZoo affiliate feature built in. Therefore, if someone is in the internet marketing niche, they will find plenty of these WSO offers to promote.

JVZoo categories
The JVZoo marketplace is similar to ClickBank’s. From travel to cooking and spirituality; there are plenty of offers in every niche. Affiliates can also search for specific keywords, and even decide to see only the top sellers. Therefore, there are plenty of ways to choose the right products.

As the approval of all products and sales pages on JVZoo is instant, extra care should be taken when choosing the program. The quality of the product and sales page will determine the profitability of the campaign. As there is no pre-screening by the management, the affiliate marketer needs to complete this step.

JVZoo tools
Finding Affiliate Offers on JVZoo.com

An affiliate can create a widget on their WordPress blog or site to feature the selected offers. There are also some pre-written emails and promo tools uploaded by merchants. You will get an instant sale notification, global vendor cookies tracking and instant reports through the site.

JVZoo fees
JVZoo takes fees from vendors, and affiliates only pay the PayPal transaction fees. There are instant payment commissions, and this might mean that an affiliate marketer will pay more fees for multiple transactions. Still, instant commission products come handy for marketers who usually wait at least two months to get paid on other sites. The payout level can be set for as low as 20 dollars, and there is no limit for instant commissions.

JVZoo payments
JVZoo’s instant commission products are great for affiliate marketers. However, it is good to know that – unlike with PayDotCom – the payments are all handled by the site and not the merchant. This provides a better guarantee for the marketer to get paid. Once the commission is generated, the amount instantly appears in their account. If it is a delayed payment, the affiliate needs to wait until the refund period elapsed to receive their money.

Disadvantages of JVZoo
There are a couple of disadvantages of JVZoo as well. First of all, the quality of the products is not checked by the site. There are some PLR or MRR products that are available elsewhere – as mentioned before – and there is no guarantee for conversions. JVZoo is also a competitive marketplace, and it is not easy to pick a high-quality product that is not already been found by super-affiliates.

Final review of JVZoo affiliate network
Overall, JVZoo is an easy to manage network with plenty of products and instant commissions. The offers are not as solid as the ones on ClickBank; still, it is possible to find great deals. Many merchants approve affiliates automatically, but others do not, so you may need to wait a few days to start your promotion.

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