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Almost anyone who owns a website is interested in finding out the ranking of their site on major search engines. These rankings can be manually checked by browsing through search listings, which can take a lot of time. However, a search ranking tool is an easy and fast way to automatically check search engine rankings.

It is not exactly hard to manually perform this task without a search ranking tool, but it can take a lot of time for a variety of reasons. First, the placement of a domain has to be found by browsing through pages of search listings for a specific keyword phrase. Some sites may have a first page ranking, but it can take a lot of time to find the deeper rankings. Ultimately, those deeper results are the ones that a site will generally want to know about, so they can be improved.

A business will typically want to know their search placement for a wide variety of keywords. As a result, this process has to be repeated for every single phrase. Finally, to find those same rankings on multiple search engines, everything will have to be repeated once again for each search engine to be checked.

A search engine ranking tool is software that can automatically check the rankings of a specific domain or a list of domains on multiple search engines for a list of keyword phrases. Most of these tools will scan at least the top 100 results, but some of them will scan as many as 1000 results for a single keyword phrase. This allows much deeper tracking with these tools than what could realistically be achieved by doing it manually.

Although there are a lot of ranking tools out there that cost money to use, a large majority of them will offer many more features than just rank tracking. However, there are quite a few tools that are completely free to use that do an excellent job with search ranking tracking. Some of these tools are found on websites that may offer other types of free tools, while others are free software or toolbar packages that can be downloaded to run directly from a computer hard drive or through a web browser.

By monitoring the search placement for a variety of keyword phrases on the major search engines, site owners can use this knowledge for search engine optimization projects. These projects can include on-site optimization to improve rankings for specific phrases or even off-site optimization that involves building incoming links to the site. Without an automated method to carry out this work, a site owner can easily lose out on traffic from phrases that could have their improved their rankings on without much effort.

Reviews have been provided for some of the best and most reliable search ranking tools that we recommend, most of which are free to use. Browse through these reviews to find information on the features that these tools have to offer and which search engines they can check. While many of them offer similar features, like checking Google for rankings, almost all of them differ in some manner so it is important to determine which one is best for a site owner to use.

Rank Checker
For site owners who would prefer a more private solution that they can download on their computer, Rank Checker from SEO Book is highly recommended. It is actually a Firefox toolbar that allows people to securely monitor their search engine rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since Rank Checker runs as a Firefox toolbar instead of directly on the SEO Book website, it offers a lot of convenience and portability for site owners who like to constantly monitor their search rankings.

The reason why Rank Checker is both private and secure is because it doesn’t operate on a site like other tools. This means that nobody will be able to log the results, which has been known to occur. Although there is a low likelihood that a website will actually log and use the search ranking results in some manner, this toolbar software will prevent it from being a possibility.

Another major reason that this is a recommended pick is because of the features that it offers. Unlike other tools that have been reviewed here, Rank Checker will actually search International Google site results. It also features task scheduling, which allows rankings to be checked automatically on a schedule.Search Ranking Tool

Site rankings can be tracked and even graphed, making it a much more long-term search ranking tool than any of the other free picks. It is limited to searching the top 200 results, which is more than many free tools but less than Google Rankings. However, this limit of 200 results is enough for most site owners, since it can be hard to make improvements on results with rankings lower than that.

Although Rank Checker is technically a free search ranking toolbar, users will have to sign up for a free account at SEO Book that includes a lot of other free goodies, including a newsletter and two other SEO tools. Some people do not like to sign up for a newsletter to obtain software like this, but it is very useful software that offers features typically only found on tools that are not free. Other types of SEO tools, tips, and strategies can also be found on the SEO Book website, making it a useful destination for anyone looking to improve their site optimization.

SEO PowerSuite
This is a paid tool, but the only one of this type the majority of webmasters will ever need. It starts with tools to make it easy to find the most profitable keywords for any niche. Once they are selected, the software can be used to monitor an unlimited number of keywords on as many sites as desired.

Of course, it covers a lot more than just keywords and, in fact, includes nearly everything needed in the entire SEO process. Some features include:

  • Analyzing the structure of a website and the content of individual pages to ensure everything is properly optimized and free of errors.
  • It provides tools to make it easier to build and track links.
  • Webmasters can easily spy on the competition and find ideas that might help them with their own sites.
  • Reports are generated to provide webmasters easy-to-read tracking of their sites so they can better understand what steps to take.

Google Rankings
One of the original search ranking tools that has always been popular over the years is Google Rankings, although they are not actually affiliated with Google. They offer a wide variety of features that are easy enough for beginners to use. Experts can take advantage of numerous advanced features as well, making them an excellent choice for many different kinds of site owners with a variety of experience levels.

Google Rankings will search four major search engines, which includes Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask. The downside is that a API is required to check Google search rankings, and this API key can no longer be obtained from Google.

The good news about this tool is that it can search as deep as 1000 results. Since a lot of other free software will only go 100 results deep, it makes Google Rankings a popular choice.

The variety of features offered on the site are actually available through different tools found there. Some of these tools allow mass keyword, mass domain name, or advanced searches. Other tools will even perform other tasks like checking Google PageRank or determining on-site keyword density. SEO advice can also be found on the site, so there is likely something useful for everyone.

Mike’s Marketing Tools
A final recommendation of a good search ranking tool is one available on the Mike’s Marketing Tools website. This one is fairly simple, since it can only check one domain name and keyword phrase at a time. However, it does check the top three search engines, which are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The main reason that Mike’s Marketing Tools is recommended is because it offers searching on Google search rankings without an API key. This factor makes it appealing for users who do not want to go through the troubles of obtaining a Google API key but still want to be able to check rankings on that search engine.

The main downside to this particular tool is that it will only search 100 results deep for those four engines, except for Bing, which will only go 10 results deep. A few other free tools can also be found on this site including PageRank checker, domain name searching, and keyword tools.

More tools and reviews can be found at SEO checkers.

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