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There are many different search engine marketing software titles available but not all of them are created equal. In fact, most of them run off the same database of information, which makes it nearly impossible for someone to reliably choose the best one to buy. Luckily, one software title, Searchmetrics, does go the extra mile.

Searchmetrics Boasts the Largest Database
When it comes to software, research, and analytics for search engine marketers, one company, Search Metrics, stands above the rest. They boast the “largest, fastest database available for search and social marketing.” This means Search Metrics customers are going to have the best access to data, which can be a major advantage in the competitive world of search engine marketing.

Their database consists of detailed, global information on historical search engine traffic, keywords, domain names, and competition. It also includes social media data from a wide variety of the best social networks. Many people may think that this type of information is nothing more than statistics and meaningless numbers, but Searchmetrics is known for their easy-to-use software that makes analyzing this information both simple and useful.

Search Engine Optimization Software
Most website owners will start their marketing efforts by going after search engine keyword phrase traffic, both organic and paid. There is a ton of worldwide traffic up for grabs every single day on Google and numerous other major search engines.

Their suite of software has everything that a search engine marketer and website owner is going to need to improve their rankings to obtain more traffic. No other SEO software solution out there can provide as much information as Searchmetrics.

Keyword phrases are one of the most important concerns for people performing SEO on their own website. Searchmetrics provides powerful data for any keyword phrase, including detailed, historical traffic volume data for both organic and paid search results.

Keyword traffic data is even broken down into incredibly detailed bits of information about the types of results and domains that receive the traffic. Other software does not compare with features like this, which is one of the biggest reasons why Searchmetrics is a dominating company in this software niche.

Social Media Marketing Data
Searchmetrics is the first company to have a comprehensive database for social media marketing, and they continue to offer an extensive amount of data for social networking sites. Their software allows websites to be analyzed for their social media presence on a variety of the most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

The ability to analyze competitor presence on social media sites gives website owners a major advantage when it comes to their own marketing efforts. Search Metrics even gives users the power to find out the most popular social content on any website or even throughout an entire social media site. This type of information is extremely useful to savvy internet marketers, but it is simply unavailable in an easy to use format without Searchmetrics.

Extended SEO Information
On top the excellent software suite that is offered by Searchmetrics, they also maintain a blog on search engine optimization and marketing. This is not an ordinary SEO blog that contains overly basic information that is commonly found elsewhere on the internet.

Searchmetrics ReviewThey feature regular posts about in-depth topics that help marketers improve their campaigns significantly. These topics include things such as marketing trends, consumer trends, and detailed information on major changes with the Google algorithm.

Their blog can be read by the general public, so it is a great resource of information for website owners of any skill or knowledge level, even those that are not users of Searchmetrics software. Since they have the largest database of search and social marketing information, it is easy to understand why they would be a good choice for anyone looking to learn more about search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Searchmetrics Software Suite
Companies can receive a free evaluation period for the Searchmetrics software suite that allows them to try it before making a final decision to subscribe to use it long-term. The bad news is that Searchmetrics software may not be financially accessible for beginner marketers and some small businesses, but the asking price is well worth the benefits and advantages that their customers receive from using it.

Both monthly and yearly subscription plans are available for the various software packages that they offer. The yearly price offers a discount over the monthly plan, so it is worth the investment for people that are going to commit to using it.

Their software can be purchased in an all inclusive suite that offers a few levels of usage rights. This suite includes their SEO, SEM, and Social media software. It also includes access to the beta test of their upcoming “Links” software. The SEO and SEM or Social Media software titles can also be purchased individually for companies that are only interested in one or the other, but most companies will be able to benefit from the full suite of marketing tools.

The usage rights levels on the individual titles is considerably lower than the full suite packages, which is yet another reason why it is better to subscribe to the full suite. These usage rights are monthly limits that govern important features of the software like how many domains can be monitored, how many reports can be generated, how many keyword phrases can be analyzed, and how many data sources can be used.

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