The Best SEM Companies and What They Offer

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a requirement these days for any business with an online presence. Since a large percentage of businesses tend to outsource their website development, conducting this type of advertising campaign can be extremely difficult and potentially expensive without hiring reliable SEM companies.

A lot of people consider search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to be the same thing, but there is actually a major difference between these two terms that business owners need to understand before they should even start looking for an SEM company. SEO involves optimizing a site and building links to that site to get better search engine rankings, while SEM includes SEO in addition to paid search engine advertising like PPC or paid inclusion ads.

Some companies may only be interested in capturing free, organic search engine traffic. It is fine to choose an SEM company for this purpose, but an SEO only company should never be picked for businesses interested in extensive brand development through paid search engine advertising. SEM companies are commonly used by large corporations, even though they can be extremely beneficial to small businesses as well.

Choosing a Reliable SEM Company
There are literally thousands of online companies that offer search engine marketing related services, so it can be difficult for businesses to pick a company. Many business owners may want to try to hire a budget SEM company to save money with their campaign, but this type of strategy can be a bad idea in this industry.

In general, companies that have a set price to obtain search engine rankings for keyword phrases are likely not reliable to do business with. Every keyword phrase and search engine market is going to be different in terms of competition and difficulty to rank, so reliable companies will always analyze each individual situation before quoting a price. Cheap services can be tempting to buy, but they are simply unreliable to use for businesses that are serious about their SEM campaign.

It is also important to remember that SEM services from a reliable company are probably going to have monthly fees. Marketing on search engines is an on-going process, so there may be an account set up fee along with monthly maintenance fees. Companies that do not utilize this type of fee structure may be more appealing to join, but they are likely using automated software to perform the services for such a cheap price. The best SEM companies will have live, trained employees who work hands-on with their projects.

A couple of reviews are provided here for some of the best SEM companies in the entire industry. Businesses that are serious about growing their customer base and expanding their brand name will find that these particular companies can deliver. Even though they represent numerous Fortune 100 companies, they also are more than happy to cater to small businesses with lower budgets, which is a major reason why they have received our recommendation in these reviews.

The #1 ranked SEM company from a variety of reliable sources is WebiMax, which boasts 99% customer retention rates. They manage campaigns for numerous mega corporations like Toshiba, Sam’s Club, DirecTV, and Marriott, but they also specialize in small business services with a staff of more than 100 specially trained employees. Compared with many of the other top companies, they employ nearly three times as many people.SEM Companies

Business owners will find that WebiMax offers a variety of SEM services that are sure to fit the needs of any company. There is not a single aspect of search engine marketing or optimization that they do not offer, making them an excellent choice for those that wish to utilize a variety of types of marketing campaigns.

WebiMax offers a wide variety of professional SEO and other SEM related services that are highly recommended for any company looking to boost their search engine rankings. Unlike budget companies, they do not take shortcuts when it comes to optimizing websites. They also provide training to company employees to educate them on proper SEO techniques so continued website development can be done correctly.

This company has a lot of experience when it comes to getting results for businesses, even in highly competitive markets, which goes to show the power of their strategies. In addition to being the top general SEO company in the industry, they are also known for being the best in specialty areas like reputation management, local SEO, e-commerce, landing page optimization, and multilingual sites.

Beyond typical SEM, PPC, and SEO services, WebiMax is known for their SMO services, which is social media optimization. They have a variety of special services involving social media, including a monitoring tool that is used to gauge the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Even though social media does not have much to do with search engine rankings, it is an extremely important aspect of any major online marketing campaign.

Businesses that are more interested in pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing campaigns should take a closer look at JumpFly, the #1 ranked PPC management company for numerous years in a row. Unfortunately, they cannot do anything for clients interested in organic SEO because PPC management is all they do, but this also means that they are highly specialized in this area and can provide some of the best results in the industry.

Unlike typical fees for SEO services that are based on competition and search phrase volume, PPC management fees include a set up fee along with a monthly management fee. This monthly fee is based on the monthly PPC advertising budget, so these services can be affordable for companies of any size. Low budget management accounts are available for business that spend less than $2,000 per month on their PPC advertising, while their full service accounts are reserved for clients with budgets above that limit.

One important aspect of JumpFly is that they offer transparent PPC account management. This means that business have all the control of their advertising accounts, while JumpFly simply manages those accounts. This allows all accounts to be in the name of the business and not JumpFly. It also prevents any worries about them being able to claim a portion of the advertising budget for themselves, which can be common among PPC management companies that run the accounts in their own name without giving the business owner access.

JumpFly also offers some more specialized services like phone call tracking and the production of both image and video advertising. Phone tracking allows companies to figure out when phone calls originate from their PPC campaigns, so sales from phone calls can be calculated into the ROI of the campaign. Professional image ad production is excellent for businesses that do not employ a graphic designer but wish to run PPC campaigns with high-quality image advertising. Video ads are perfect for businesses that want to utilize the power of YouTube to attract new customers, and JumpFly PPC management offers these services as well.

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