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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a great way for websites to get free, targeted traffic from search engines. Since many website owners are not experienced enough to do their own SEO, this has created an industry for SEO affiliate programs.

An SEO affiliate program allows affiliates to promote search engine optimization services and software to earn sales commissions. Since SEO products are generally expensive, this type of affiliate program is an excellent way to earn large commissions on each sale. The one downside to this industry for affiliates is that the conversion rates are often lower because the products are more pricey than most online products, but the higher paying commissions often make up for lower conversions.

The most popular SEO affiliate programs sell different kinds of SEO software. This type of software is generally designed to help webmasters who do not have technical experience to perform a specific optimization task like keyword research, content optimization and link building.

SEO PowerSuite
Quite possibly the most successful and popular SEO affiliate program is SEO PowerSuite. This is a software package that actually includes four different PowerSuite software titles. Their affiliate program offers a 33% commission for referring sales on any of their software titles, which can result in $200 commissions for a single sale.

Their affiliate program is actually run by Plimus, which is an e-business affiliate network, although affiliates can expect to receive dual affiliate support from SEO PowerSuite and Plimus. Key features of this affiliate network include an easy to use ad generation interface and 90 day cookies that keep track of affiliate sales referrals.

SEO PowerSuite offers three different versions for all of their software, including a free version that has most of the same functionality as the full versions except the features are limited. Professional and Enterprise editions are the versions that affiliates will get paid to promote. The Enterprise version allows advanced usage of information from the software, like exporting data and printing, emailing, and publishing reports.

Rank Tracker is software for keyword research and checking/tracking search engine rankings. This software provides search volumes, keyword suggestions, and ranking tracking on numerous networks.

Website Auditor is a complete website content optimization tool that will analyze pages on a website to create an optimization strategy, recommend page optimizations, and provide a wide variety of other important content optimization information. It will even analyze site structure and HTML code to point out coding errors or other areas that may need improvement.

SEO SpyGlass and Link Assistant are both designed for website link building, although SpyGlass is primarily used for strategy and planning while Link Assistant actually helps webmasters build incoming links, solicit link exchanges, and more.

This SEO affiliate program offers a different approach to website optimization because it only charges clients once they are able to obtain rankings for them! This is an excellent way for affiliates to attract sales because the initial, free search engine optimization should increase conversion rates for this program.

RankPay offers a 10% commission for all monthly fees that are paid as a result of an affiliate’s marketing. Their monthly fees have a fairly wide range depending on the traffic of a keyword phrase and the rankings they are able to achieve. A unique aspect about RankPay’s affiliate program is the fact that it gives complete reporting on referred clients. Since affiliates need RankPay to perform good SEO to actually get paid, this reporting allows its affiliates to see how they are doing for referrals.SEO Affiliate Programs

Some other SEO services do seem to be priced lower than RankPay, but their method of not charging a client until they achieve rankings is certainly appealing enough to attract many sales. They do offer discounted SEO for affiliates, which is a big plus for this network and not usually found elsewhere. Most affiliate programs do not allow self-referring of sales, so RankPay has developed this affiliate discount as a way to say thanks to their affiliates.

This tool, SEOmoz Pro, is very recognized in the world of SEO. For those who use this service, their site will be crawled every week, and they will receive notices of issues, SEO recommendations, competitive analysis and other advice. The service is continuously being upgraded and opportunities to promote it will likely be around for a while.

This is another SEO affiliate program that offers SEO services, similar to RankPay. LoveClients does not guarantee rankings and starts charging clients to begin work, but their services are priced at a flat rate. Their affiliate program offers to pay $50 per month for every referred client. This commission is paid every month for each of these clients as long as the client remains an active subscriber.

Their standard pricing policy is attractive for potential clients, especially for websites that want to target higher traffic keyword phrases. The standard affiliate commission is also a great way to encourage affiliates to join this network because it is easy to figure out how many people an affiliate needs to refer to earn a specific amount of money each month. For example, an affiliate can earn a $5,000 monthly income by referring 100 active clients to LoveClients.

Since SEO services can be expensive and often carry recurring monthly fees, many website owners will want to learn how to do search engine optimization themselves instead of paying a company to do it for them.

Companies like SEOBook cater to these types of website owners by offering professional SEO training from experts in the industry. This training even includes some one-on-one interaction each month to allow website owners to soak up as much knowledge as they can.

SEOBook charges a fee of $300 per month for its training services and clients are allowed to continue the training program as long as they want. Their SEO affiliate program offers an initial 20% commission on all monthly fees. This initial 20% can go as high as 50%, since they increase the commission by 10% for each five additional sales.

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