The Best SEO Checkers for Great Rankings

SEO is multifaceted, and any SEO checker must be also. From paid to free tools, there are various ways to check to see how well a site is optimized for and doing in the search engines. While there is no right SEO checker for every situation, the need for proper analysis is always present for every website. No business can compete online without SEO, and it must never be neglected.

What an SEO checker needs to cover

There are various aspects of search engine optimization. However, the most important things to look for include the following:

Rank checker: A good rank checker does more than save time by quickly helping to find where sites rank for with different keywords. A home computer’s search engine results will not be accurate, since they will be influenced by one’s own browsing history. In addition, rank checking tools add other features such as making it possible to track the ranking history.

Backlinks: A high percentage of search engine rankings centers around backlinks, and it is important to know how many links a site has and where they are coming from.  Seo checkers will make it easy to find out what backlinking methods are working.

Backlink checkers covers the top tools for checking and tracking backlinks.

Competition: It is often a good idea to spy on other sites to see what they are doing and possibly learn from them. Seo tools also make it easy to better analyze the competition and reverse engineer their efforts when appropriate.SEO Checkers

On site SEO checker: To really check a site for proper SEO, it is also necessary to check its onsite optimization. There are on-page SEO tools to check keyword density, meta tags, site errors that might cause problems for search engines and other page analysis. Every page on a site should be examined at least once for these things.

Paid SEO checkers

There are many SEO tools online that can check a site for search engine optimization. While many of these are good, for those who have many sites or want the best data, it is advisable to first consider paid tools. These will offer the most comprehensive data in ways that are quick and easy.

SEO Power Suite: Many consider this software package the leader in SEO software. The package basically covers the entire SEO process from start to finish with rank tracking, website auditing, seo powersuitecompetition analysis and link building. While its features are too numerous to mention here, some of them include:

  • Automatically tracking sites and showing their movement in the search engines. In addition, this can be set for search engines in the geographical areas the site is targeting.
  • Helps find new keywords to suggest what ones will be best for a site.
  • Analyzes pages for errors, proper optimization and anything else that might affect rankings.
  • Helps in building and tracking links.
  • Provides graphs and the ability to export data.

For those interested, there is a free trial edition that can be experimented with first.

Market Samurai is another very popular paid SEO software. While best known as a keyword research tool that provides very extensive information on keywords, it also offers features to market samurai reviewhelp optimize websites for search engines in other ways. For example, it can:

  • Provide tracking data on how a site is doing on selected keywords and the number, as well as origins, of links coming to the site’s pages.
  • Helps in analyzing the competition by providing data on the number and quality of links, where they are coming from and other information that can offer valuable insights on how to better optimize pages for higher rankings.
  • Analyzes anchor text to help find the best keywords to include when link building.

Free SEO checkers

In addition, there are many free SEO tools. While none of these tools will do many tasks, they often do the tasks they are designed for quite well, albeit without the extras. They work fine for those without a lot of websites. Furthermore, even though with paid SEO checkers sometimes use free tools in conjunction with their purchased products.

Rank Tracker: This Firefox plugin, from SEOBook, will give the rankings for selected sites and their keywords. With a click of a mouse, it is possible to see how the site is doing day by day.

SEO for Firefox: This is another free tool from SEOBook. By giving lots of information about the competition for certain keywords, it gives website owners a better idea of what keywords they can go for and still potentially rank high on the search engine results page. For example, page rank, domain age, .edu and .gov links, bookmarking statistics and Alexa rankings are all given.

SEO Quake: This is browser extension that works on Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It provides similar information to SEO for Firefox to include page rank, keyword density and Google index.


Backlink Watch: Just put in the URL of the page, and this free tool will show the links coming to a page, their anchor text and other info.

Search Engine Spider Simulator: Since what people see on a website and what a spider sees are very different, this tool can be a valuable aid. It will show what exactly the spider sees and therefore, the things on the page that are useless or potentially harmful to SEO.

Backlink Builder: Since links from a site with the same theme are worth more than those from a site that are not, it is important to try to get links from sites that cover similar topics. This tool helps find sites that have related themes for potential backlink partners.

CuteRank: This software automatically tracks a ranking across search engines to include CuteRank:Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL and allows tracking of the position of the keywords over time. The ranking history, ability to manage keywords in groups and other features are also available.

You need to download and install the software to use it, but it is free. However, for the most features, the pro version needs to be purchased.

SEO Centro: In addition to analyzing meta tags, this online tool will give stats on websites to include keywords, anchor tags and other factors that can affect the SEO value of a page.


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