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Any business owner or internet marketer with their own website is likely aware that free, targeted search engine traffic can give any business a continuous stream of new customer leads. To obtain this free traffic, websites have to be optimized for specific keyword phrases. Unfortunately, there is a lot of specialized knowledge that goes into optimizing a site, but SEO classes are available from a number of reputable sources that will teach anyone how to successfully optimize a site for great search engine rankings.

SEO classes are designed by professional internet marketers that have a lot of first-hand experience with search engine optimization. They take their experience and create these classes to train other website owners how to take advantage of free, organic search engine traffic. Typically, an SEO class is available in a variety of formats, including PDF e-books, video tutorials, and even personal coaching.

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are so many different factors that are considered when sites are ranked by search engines. Although it is possible to experiment with these factors to come up with a reliable SEO strategy to use to build sites, this type of experimenting can literally take years worth of trial and error to test everything.

Beyond that, search engines tend to change their ranking algorithms on a regular basis, so it can be extremely difficult to consistently stay up to date with all of these changes. This is the primary reason why these training classes for search engine optimization exist and are so successful. The people behind these classes already have the necessary knowledge, so they can spend their time keeping up with new changes and making sure their trainees know what to expect.

A lot of people are not sure whether it is best to buy SEO classes or try to learn from free classes that are available, but this review can help them decide which will work best for their needs. Decent knowledge can be gained from free classes, but it is important to remember that these types of classes are usually free for a reason. Sometimes the creators may be trying to sell access to an upgraded course or personal coaching programs, while others may just be capturing email addresses so they can advertise affiliate offers to make money.

For these reasons, commercial SEO coaching programs are highly recommended. They are going to contain up to date information that provides specific direction on how to correctly optimize sites, while free programs can often contain general information that may be outdated. We also recommend a specific SEO class, so a review is available for it here.

Search Engine College
One of the leading sources of SEO Classes online is Search Engine College, which is why our review places them as our recommended source for SEO training. They offer a wide variety of different types of classes that cover anything a site owner would want to know about search engine optimization. Students are able to work at their own pace since each course allows a full year for completion.

Classes are offered for complete SEO, PPC, and SEM training, but individual courses are also available. The individual courses allow for students to learn about a particular area of search engine optimization, so they are excellent for marketing professionals who just want to improve their knowledge and skills in a certain area.

Training is available through both e-books and coaching supervisors, but the support from Search Engine College doesn’t stop there. Anyone who buys one of their SEO classes receives permanent access to their Facebook group and their jobs forum that provides search engine industry employment opportunities. They also receive access to an extensive resource of marketing information, in addition to the actual course that has been purchased.

SEO Certification Program
One of the best things about Search Engine College is the fact that they have a certification program for trainees. This certification program is available for any of their courses. Three different pathways are also possible with this program that allows a student to get certified for all the necessary courses for a particular type of SEO related career.

The three pathways include certification for careers as a Search Engine Optimizer, Pay Per Click Marketer, and Search Engine Marketer. When someone goes through a certification program with this company, they will actually have a personal coach who will monitor their progress and review their lesson assignments.SEO Classes

Each individual course has quizzes and online exams, so students actually receive a proficiency level for their education. The best thing about this certification and proficiency system is the fact that potential employers can access this information online to verify the authenticity of the physical certificates. This means that students can use these certificates to help them land jobs by showing proof of their education and skill level when it comes to SEO related work.

Wide Variety of SEO Classes

The variety of SEO classes offered by Search Engine College is the heart of the reason why we recommend them for training and coaching. Site owners who are brand new to SEO can begin with their Starter Course which offers 10 lessons that cover the basics of SEO that are essential for success.

More advanced courses are available that cover expert SEO strategies, keyword research, and even website content writing. They also offer marketing courses that teach link building and article marketing. All of these courses combined can teach a student how to completely optimize a site for better search engine rankings.

In addition to the SEO classes, there is a complete PPC training program available here. Like the SEO courses, it also offers a starter and advanced course in addition to a content writing course that are specifically geared towards PPC marketers. Improving knowledge and skills with PPC marketing can drastically improve ROI and overall income from advertising campaigns.

Search Engine College Review Conclusion
Any site owner looking for training to improve their search engine optimization and marketing skills will find what they are looking for at Search Engine College. This company truly offers a professional solution for this industry that a long running, high-quality  reputation.

Free samples of their training material are available for students who are interested in what they have to offer. Their SEO classes are perfect for almost any type of site owner, including industry professionals, business owners, and even individual internet marketers with a wide variety of experience levels.

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