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Websites that want to receive free, targeted search engine traffic must utilize proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Unfortunately, there are so many different aspects to SEO that most site owners simply do not have the right knowledge to carry out these strategies effectively. Luckily, complete training resources and SEO tools are available from Moz.

Moz (formally SEO Moz) is one of the best SEO software titles available because it addresses all the important aspects that are necessary to understand and be able to successfully optimize a site. In addition to that, it also automates many of the important but time consuming steps to allow site owners to spend their time doing other work. This software is highly recommend it for any site owner looking to improve their SEO knowledge and save time optimizing their sites.

Moz software
The primary software from Moz tracks search engine rankings for a specific site on chosen keyword phrases, tracks competitor site rankings, and even crawls the owner’s site. These are the essential elements to any search engine optimization campaign, so it is the centerpiece of their system.

Once a week, the software will crawl, or analyze, the site for a number of reasons. A variety of on-site factors can influence search engine rankings in a positive or negative manner, so this site analysis allows the software to alert when situations are found that should be addressed. In addition to simple alerts, this system will actually make specific recommendations on changes that should be made to the site to improve rankings.

Tracking rankings for targeted keyword phrases on both the owner and competitor sites is vital to any SEO campaign. Moz tackles both tasks automatically, which saves an enormous amount of time compared to doing this type of work manually. When the site owner tracks their own rankings, it helps them to understand when something they do is working as intended or where improvement may be needed. Tracking competitor rankings and even their linking strategies can be a major advantage in this extremely competitive industry.

Moz also offers a variety of tools that are specialized for a specific purpose. These tools help site owners simplify important optimization tasks that can typically be confusing or extremely time consuming. Most of these tools are designed to deliver very straight-forward information and specific recommendations for site owners to follow to improve search rankings. Reviews are given here for some of the most noteworthy of these tools, so this is not a complete listing.

Open Site Explorer
Moz’s best known and most useful tool is Open Site Explorer. With its own crawler, Moz crawls tens of billions of webpages to give various measurements on the page entered, in addition to backlinks. For example, there is page and domain authority, linking root domains in addition to the number of Facebook shared and tweets. Knowing what the page has and needs, webmasters can better target optimization efforts. There is a free version, but it is limited to three searches a day.

Keyword analysis tools
Keyword research and analysis is simple when two of these tools are combined. The Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis tools are built to analyze search engine results from a variety of search engines. The resulting data is presented in a way that ranks keyword phrases on how difficult they may be to get to top ten rankings. This information is critical to any site owner performing their own SEO work because it allows focus to be concentrated on targeting easier keyword phrases.

Although easier phrases may offer lower traffic levels, they can be very worthwhile to target because it does not take a lot of effort to get rankings.

On-site optimization tools
A number of different tools are designed to help site owners maximize the search engine power of their existing site pages and content. These tools include a complete SEO campaign manager, an on-site page analyzer, and a search engine crawler test.seomoz

By using these on-site optimization tools, a site owner can get a complete analysis of their website that includes a page grading system and even specific recommendations to improve rankings or eliminate potential search engine penalties before they occur. This is the perfect way to find out what a site needs to get better rankings, especially existing sites that are experiencing poor search engine performance. Once a site is on track with optimization efforts, these tools help site owners figure out what pages need more work.

Social media monitor tool
With the ever growing popularity of social media networking sites, it is important for site owners to stay on top of what is going on with these sites. The purpose of this tool is to actually monitor keyword phrase activity within social media sites.

This information can be helpful for site owners who like to stay well informed of growing trends in their industry. By tapping into a hot, new trend in a particular niche market, marketers can experience a lot of traffic and sales growth in a short time period. This tool helps to find these trends, whether they are growing or receding.

Moz developer API
Even though Moz is designed for individuals and small businesses that want to take control of their own search engine optimization campaigns, it is also the perfect solution for a wide variety of types of internet developers. Companies and software developers have access to their API system, which allows unique tools to be developed using their data as a backbone.

This API system is not something that a large majority of members will need or even be able to use. Developing new tools requires programming knowledge that is simply not common among most website owners. However, people that may have a use for this type of system will find that it offers a lot of power and flexibility. Paying members of Moz have access to their API system, but access to only the API system is also available for companies that just want to develop software based on their system.

Moz pricing and review conclusion
Access to the Moz community is completely free, which can be a powerful resource by itself. Actual membership to use their software and tools comes with a monthly fee with a few different levels that are based on usage amounts. The good news is that a completely free 30-day trial is available for site owners who want to get an in-depth look at their software before committing to using it long-term.

After reading our Moz review, it should be clear that we highly recommend them for any site owner that wants to take command of their own search engine optimization work. Outsourcing this type of work to professional companies can literally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars every month in account maintenance fees alone, not to mention costs to get started with these companies. Moz is a reliable and affordable alternative that can help any site owner improve their search engine rankings.

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