How to Gain from SEO Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a growing in the modern world, and one of the most pervasive forms of it is SEO outsourcing. For those who use it properly, it can be a great way to increase web traffic in a very cost effective manner. However, it can also be a colossal waste of time and resources for those who are not careful and knowledgeable in the way they approach it.

Why SEO outsourcing?
Outsourcing offers many advantages that make it a growing phenomenon, and these advantages are especially pronounced in SEO (search engine optimization) work. Since a homepage and much of what makes it rank higher in the search engines is digital and online, most of what goes into making a homepage and pushing it up in the search results can also be done online, and location does not matter.

For individuals, this means that even those who only have modest resources can take advantage of SEO expertise and firms on the other side of the world. They can do things time or other constraints would otherwise have made impossible. From the perspective of a larger business, outsourcing SEO is a way to tap services of firms that specialize in SEO and are knowledgeable about it. They do not need to hire and train employees, often allowing them to get the job done better and more cheaply.

Virtually all aspects search engine optimization, from on-page SEO to off, can be outsourced. Many of these services are located in India and the Philippines. They have large populations of educated English speakers who can be employed more cheaply than labor can be richer nations.SEO Outsourcing

The downsides
However, there are various drawbacks to outsourcing. One of the biggest ones is quality control. For example, those who outsource writing may receive articles with many grammar mistakes. It sometimes is difficult to get those who are far away to properly follow instructions and produce the quality needed. Furthermore, differences in culture, experiences and the like often make it hard to produce the kind of articles someone in another country can really relate to.

Another problem is results. It is difficult to monitor work being performed in another location. It may not be carried out as promised or be of such low SEO value that it will not be worth the cost. Furthermore, when people stop to really look at the time they spent monitoring and correcting the work, they will sometimes find that they would have been better off doing it themselves.

There are also potential security risks. Some outsourcing work requires the sharing information that could be potentially damaging in the wrong hands, be it competitors or malicious attacks. If there are any problems and the other party is in another jurisdiction, it may be impossible to take any kind of legal action.

Perhaps the greatest danger comes from using the wrong SEO methods. Search engines do not like people trying to trick their algorithms into giving certain sites higher rankings. When shady SEO tactics are used, it is called black hat SEO (vs. the white hate methods that are considered legitimate). Using these methods can get a site knocked out of the search engine results pages.

Ways to approach SEO outsourcing
Fortunately, there are ways to approach SEO outsourcing to minimize risks and maximize gains.

Know what is needed

Even when SEO is outsourced, it is important to understand the process. Those who do not understand what it is about should take some time to read on the subject. The basics are not particularly difficult. Knowing what to look for will help one select the methods that are most likely to really help in rankings and avoid black hat methods that might hurt. Remember, the major forms of white hat SEO includes article submissions, directory submissions, press releases, blog commenting, social bookmarking and profile backlinks.SEO Outsourcing

Finding outsourcing and checking reputations
It is possible to outsource to companies that will provide set services or to individuals. Either way, there are ways to check their legitimacy. If it is a company, look at their website and see how well they rank in the search engines. Obviously, a company that sells SEO services should have performed SEO on their own site. Freelancer services, to include Freelancer, and Elance where individuals can be hired for freelance SEO work will have rankings from those who have used the provider’s services in the past. Affiliate marketing forums are another great place to outsource and offer a great place to check to see what other people have experienced with various services.

Measure results
While they sometimes take a few months to really show up and cannot be measured immediately, there are ways to check to see how SEO outsourcing services are performing. For example, if using a directory submissions service, look to see how many backlinks from these submissions show up with tools such as Market Samurai. The process can be tricky since a site’s rankings may jump around even when nothing has been done, but any strategy that is showing more links and higher rankings over time is doing something right.

Consider domestic outsourcing
Just because SEO can be outsourced overseas does not mean it has to be. Sometimes, the best services can be found domestically. Even if the initial costs are higher, it is often worth it in the long run to use services that are closer to home.

Many people give up on SEO too quickly and simply use pay-per-click to bring in visitors to a site. As a long-term strategy, it is often better to instead invest in SEO outsourcing. While SEO is more difficult in the short term, it is a much sounder business strategy to follow over time. With the proper precautions, it can bring in the natural visitors who will make a business prosper.

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