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Everyone wants to make it to the top of search results, and SEO (search engine optimization) is the key. With the competition so fierce, SEO software can make the difference between a site that gets a lot of traffic to one that gets almost none. There is a lot of different software that can help in the SEO process, and everyone building a site needs to know what to look for.

It is lively at the top For those who are not sure how important SEO software is, consider this: While roughly 40% or more of visitors will click on the top ranked site in search engine results, this CTR (click through ratio) drops rapidly with each position and is under 5% for the tenth ranked site. Therefore, sites that do not make the top page for any search will only see a tiny fraction of the visitors searching for those keywords.

What SEO software can do
SEO is a multifaceted process. There is no single SEO software that can do everything related to SEO. It is also important to keep in mind that even the best SEO software is just a tool to aid in the process of SEO. Such software will speed up SEO by automating some of its more menial tasks, but someone still has to create content and do other tasks needed for meaningful, white hat SEO.

Keyword research
As always, good SEO starts with the right content. While software cannot create the actual content, it can aid in the process. This starts with a keyword tool. There are many free and paid keyword research tools that can meet any need. More advanced users will want to go with paid programs that offer more features. More techniques and software are covered in how to find a niche.

best SEO SoftwareChecking content
Once the content has been created, it needs to be checked for keyword density and possible errors that might cause problems for visitors or search engines crawling the site. If a good website building software has been selected, this feature will be included as part of the program. If this is not included, a search with the terms “webpage analyzer” will bring up sites that will check web pages for free.

Social bookmarking

Search engines frequently crawl social bookmarking sites, and they can be a good way to get sites noticed while building some links. SEO software can help in automating some of these submissions. The best service for automated submissions is Synnd. It is a network of users that mutually bookmark and syndicate their content and will save a lot of time for those doing this type of SEO.

Blog commenting
Blog commenting can be an effective way to build links to a site while increasing one’s knowledge on the niche. With good SEO software, the more tedious tasks, such as finding the right blogs and filling forms, can be eliminated and productivity increased. Blog Comment Demon is currently the top software to help in automating the blog commenting process.

SEO software packages
Moz, SEO PowerSuite and Search Metrics are some well-known software packages that each do a great job of overall SEO management. For those who want the quickest and most efficient path to top rankings, they are the way to go.

Tracking and researching
A major part of the SEO process and online marketing is researching and tracking. Once the content is online, the keywords and content then need to be tracked to see how SEO efforts are affecting them in the search engines. Use traffic testing tools to measure results, find what works and adjust your campaigns.

Two tools of note are Market Samurai, as it provides tools to help find keywords, track them and reverse engineer competitor sites. Similarly, SEO Powersuite has very powerful site analysis, rank tracking, competitor analysis and linking suggestions etc.; it can almost be thought of as a SEO assistant.

In addition, there are various other SEO checkers to keep track of a website’s movement over time. Just expect at least a few months delay from the time SEO work is carried out until it starts bearing fruit in the search engines.

30-Day free trial
Top SEO software will almost always offer some type of a free trial or money back guarantee. If the software does not offer this, it may be prudent to refrain from purchasing it.

Go to SEO tools for more of the top software.

SEO services
Those who have little time or interest in doing SEO work for their site should consider SEO services rather than SEO software. Some of the most effective SEO techniques, to include article marketing and press releases, simply cannot be done with software as they require a person to create content and distribute it. In these situations, consider SEO outsourcing.

There is no single SEO software that can help with every aspect of SEO. It is wise to proceed slowly and select carefully to avoid purchasing the wrong software or spending more for programs that only duplicate functions.

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