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While search engine optimization or SEO is constantly changing, there are certain principles that remain constant. The following SEO guide outlines all the steps and aids anyone needs for a good, long-term, ranking strategy.

Think long term
Anyone working on SEO first must remember it is a long-term process. While some efforts can bring quick traffic to a site, web traffic, in itself, is not SEO, although it can eventually help with SEO by proving a site is valuable to visitors. The following will concentrate on long-term, white hat SEO, which strives to give a site the signals to make it naturally rise in the search engines. This is in contrast to the black hat SEO methods, which can bring quicker results but carry long-term risks.

Starting with content
Although content is the basis of all SEO, people often do not give it the consideration it deserves. SEO efforts can sometimes give poor content a boost in search results, but it usually does not stay there. For SEO to be really successful, visitors need to stay longer, come back, link and refer people to a site. Since a high percentage of internet content is written, and this is what search engines look at most, keep the principles of good website writing in mind when creating it. Whatever the content, always think of the visitors more than the search engines and strive to offer what people will come back for.

Starting on page
Even though SEO starts with the quality of the content, it still needs to be presented in a way that the search engines like by implementing the following on-page SEO principles.

On-page SEO starts before anything on the site is even built. Pre-building steps include finding long-tail keywords, categorizing them and choosing the right domain name.

More direct on-page methods involve understanding meta tags, using header tags properly and optimizing content with latent semantic indexing.

Moving off pageseo techniques
Search engines often regard SEO efforts as an attempt to manipulate search results and actively take measures to discourage the practice. However, without off-page SEO efforts, a site may never be noticed. A way around this problem is to use varied link building efforts aimed at building traffic and links to a site gradually. It is also important to remain focused on creating an image for the site and traffic more than just links.

Currently, social network marketing as well as social bookmarking and social buzz are considered some of the best ways to attract attention to websites. At the same time, they create a social awareness of the sites being promoted.

Other methods include:

  • Blog commenting to learn, get links and draw visitors directly to sites.
  • Guest blogging can offer some quality links and bring traffic directly from related websites.
  • Article marketing brings direct links, traffic and follow-up links with syndication.
  • Video marketing takes advantage of the interest in video people have to build brand and visitors while creating some direct links.
  • Press releases call attention to websites and offer some links.
  • Web 2.0 backlinking helps build a site’s image and can offer some really good links, although it takes time for these links to bear fruit.

Getting help
At some point, most people want some assistance with outsourcing work, which can be time consuming. One way to do this is with SEO tools, with the best being Synnd. While they will not do everything, these tools are good for eliminating some of the most monotonous tasks.

For those with less time who are willing to invest more, SEO outsourcing is a good option. Freelancers can be hired around the world at reasonable rates to perform different tasks.

Those who would like to leave SEO work to others can use SEO services.

Measuring results
It better allocate time and resources, it is a necessary to use SEO checkers to find out what SEO techniques are giving the best results. These will provide useful information on backlinks, visitors, search engine rankings and the competition. They will also offer ways to improve sites with error checking and suggestions on keyword density and other tips to improve a site in the eyes of search engines, which are not always evident to those viewing a site.

Although it has been declared dead at time, SEO will remain part of online marketing for the foreseeable future. The methods change, but the basic principle of using SEO to bring more attention and links to sites remains valid.

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