How to Use an SEO Tester to Boost Your Website

Since obtaining and retaining search engine rankings is extremely important to long-term success with a website business, it is not surprising that a lot of people want to keep track of their search marketing efforts with an SEO tester. However, there are a lot of people that do not know what a SEO tester is. In general, it is a software tool that automatically checks various aspects of search engine optimization.

There are actually different types of SEO testers that will perform a variety of functions, but all of them are designed to help a website owner check their search engine rankings, find optimization errors on websites, or save time by performing other SEO tests automatically that can be time consuming to do manually. These tools can not only analyze a single page but actually analyze an entire website with a minimal amount of effort. Obviously, these types of optimization tools can save a lot of time, allowing the user to focus their energy on other work.

The majority of SEO tester tools are actually free to use, although some of them do offer more robust versions that come with a price tag. Starting with a free tool is typically a good idea. After sampling what these tools can accomplish, it is often easier to tell what type of paid SEO tools may be useful to buy.

Each individual may have different needs in this area, especially depending on their experience level, so it is nearly impossible to say which paid tool may be the best. For this reason, explanations have been provided of each of the most commonly found types of SEO testers to help provide some direction.

Overall website ranking testers
These tools can automatically check different types of ranks that a site can achieve. While they are not actually for checking search engine rankings, the information obtained with these tools can be a factor in those rankings.

To be more specific, there are tools that will fetch the Alexa Rank or Google PageRank of a website or even a list of sites. Alexa Rank measures the popularity of an entire website based on a sampling of worldwide internet traffic. It can be an important number for site owners to know to gauge trends on their sites or even as a factor in appraising the value of a site.

Google PageRank (there are many websites and plugins that will give this) is a ranking system that Google uses to measure the importance of a particular page on a website. It measures the importance of that page locally on the same site as well as externally on the entire internet, although it is important to know that PageRank numbers are not publicly updated very frequently.

Link popularity checker
Many people like to track the number of links that get indexed that point to pages on their websites. A link popularity checker does just that, except it does all the hard work automatically. Simply enter a website URL address, and it will return the number of backlinks that have been indexed. Some of these tools will just track a single search engine, while others may track a variety of engines simultaneously.

Some people think that PageRank and link popularity are the same thing, but there is a big difference. PageRank does include link popularity as a factor, but it also uses internal link structure and the age of a page as other factors. For this reason, it is important to track link popularity as well.

Another reason it is a good idea to follow link popularity is to ensure that backlink building efforts are working successfully. Some people may initially think they are creating one-way incoming links to their sites, but not all links are created equal. Some sites can prohibit search engines from indexing external website links. This can be done directly through the link HTML, but it can also be achieved with HTML meta tags or even specifications in a site-wide robots.txt file. This means that it is possible for inexperienced marketers to waste time building links that won’t get indexed by a search engine like Google.SEO Tester

Following link popularity helps to verify that links are actually getting indexed. Connecting this number to actual search engine rankings can also help site owners figure out if those link building efforts are actually making a difference.

Backlink checking tools covers the top tools for checking and tracking backlinks.

Auto SEO checkers
It can be a very time-consuming task to manually inspect every single page of a website for HTML errors or violations of search engine guidelines for webmasters. Luckily, these SEO tester tools can do all of this hard work automatically by analyzing an entire website for these problems that can drag down search engine rankings.

This particular aspect of search engine optimization is one of the best types of SEO tools, because it is important to make sure a site is free of these types of problems. Before they existed, it took a lot of time to be completely sure that guideline violations were not present on a site, so they are a major time saver that should be used by all marketers.

Except for experienced web designers, most people are not even aware of the various HTML errors and search engine guideline violations that can occur on a site. With many people using templates that they did not create themselves, these problems exist all over the internet. Clearing them up on a site can actually make a difference with search engine rankings, so this is one aspect of SEO that is often overlooked by many marketers.

Even though some of these SEO tester software tools can give technical results that many people do not understand, there are also types that will return user-friendly analysis results. These results generally deal with on-page ranking factors instead of the more technical HTML error and guideline factors. Both types of tools are actually useful and recommend for all site owners.

SEO testers covers the best tools for tracking sites and search engine optimization.

Miscellaneous search engine tester tools
The most beneficial and major types of tools have already been explained, but there are still numerous other types worth mentioning that can be useful for certain site owners or situations. The most noteworthy of these SEO testers are similar page checkers, search engine saturation/index checkers, and search engine spider simulators.

Similar page checking tools will analyze a page on a website. Then, it will check the popularity of similar pages that are indexed with search engines. While this seems like a simple concept, it can actually be very helpful to have this information to ensure that a particular page is not outranked by other pages that are considered to be almost the same. It can also be used internally on a site to ensure that a specific page will end up with the best search engine ranking on a specific keyword phrase.

A search engine saturation checker is a simple tool that is generally useful for beginners but may be helpful to more experienced site owners who simply wish to save time. These tools will automatically check with the major search engines to find out how many pages they have indexed for a particular site. This is useful to see how a site fares among the various search engines since a page that is not indexed cannot receive traffic.

A search engine spider simulator will display a site how a search engine views it. While this may not be a useful SEO tester for experienced web designers, it can be extremely helpful for beginners or those without HTML knowledge. When a site is viewed through the eyes of a search engine, various areas of text or images may not be ordered the same way compared with a normal web browser view.

Although people will not typically see a website like a search engine does, it is important for a site owner to know this information for optimal keyword placement. Without it, it is easy to believe that the main article content on a web page will be one of the first pieces of text on that page. However, some website templates may actually position menu links above article content, even if it shows up beside that article on a normal web browser.

Recommend SEO tester tools
A number of good free and paid tools that will assist in all the above tasks can be found at SEO checkers. In addition, some other tools to consider include the following: InstantPosition offers SEO tools with a paid membership, but they also have a free on-page SEO tester that is useful. PowerMapper offers another helpful tool, SortSite, that analyzes HTML errors and search engine guideline violations. Some of the information provided by SortSite will be helpful for all users, but some of it is also very technical and will likely only be useful to web designers.

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