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There are hundreds or possibly even thousands of real sports across the world, many of which are traditions that are cherished by families spanning multiple generations. Children in the USA grow up playing a variety of sports, so it is not surprising that sports are so popular in the USA among adults. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this popularity and fascination of sports by joining sports affiliate programs.

Since there are many different popular sports, a wide variety of sports affiliate programs are also available. Some of these programs allow affiliates to build their own sporting goods store site. Other companies sell sports related products, sports software, collectibles, online coaching material, and even sports betting systems.

Similar to other kinds of affiliate programs, it is important for sports affiliates to concentrate on promoting products and services in a limited niche. A brand new website that has information about all kinds of sports and sports products would simply be too large of a project for a single person to create in any reasonable amount of time.

To overcome this obstacle, affiliates should create targeted niche affiliate sites that focus on a specific sports topic. This content focus will help to attract interested website visitors through search engine rankings. These search engine rankings are much easier to obtain with a niche website that has a closely defined focus.

A variety of recommended sports affiliate programs have been reviewed below. Any of these may be a good choice for a potential affiliate as long as the company offers the type of products or services that are related to the affiliate website content.

Amazon Associates
The Amazon Associates Network offers a huge variety of sporting goods equipment in addition to many different kinds of sports videos, movies, collectibles, and books. Compared with other sports affiliate programs, Amazon offers one of the best commission rates.Sports Affiliate Programs

Their commission is reasonable compared with other networks even at the starting rate, but affiliates can earn higher commissions by increasing their monthly sales volume. A decent increase in commissions can be obtained with Amazon Associates for a relatively low number of monthly sales, which makes them a recommended choice for a sports affiliate program.

A variety of tools and resources are offered to allow affiliates to integrate products into their websites. Many software tools and plugins are also available from third party companies that let affiliates easily create their own Amazon ads and even complete niche affiliate stores.

Pepper Jam Network
Fog Dog is a popular online retailer for sporting good products. They offer an affiliate program through their own company, Pepper Jam Network, which allows marketers to create individual sporting goods websites.

Fog Dog offers sporting goods for a wide variety of sports that are generally considered to be the most popular sports in the USA and some other countries too. They also offer fan apparel from professional sports teams.

The Pepper Jam Network offers commissions on any sales that affiliates can refer through their affiliate links. The overall commission rate is fairly low compared with commissions from other industries, but this low rate is typical of affiliate programs for physical goods that get shipped to a consumer.

FlexOffers is a major affiliate network with a category dedicated entirely to sports and fitness programs.  There are a good number of popular programs to join within the network. Affiliates can golf, athletic apparel, footwear (New Balance), outdoor sporting goods, home gym and other types of products.

Some features of the program of note include its many templates, messaging system allowing publishers to communicate with advertisers and a two-tier program for referring others for commissions. It also gets high marks for help and support.

Pinnacle Sports
Sports betting is a very lucrative industry in the sports world. Pinnacle Sports is a leading online sports betting site that offers an affiliate program to let affiliate earn commissions for referring new customers to their sports betting site. Pinnacle Sports also offers an online casino in addition to their sports wagers.

Pinnacle Sports is a top online sports betting affiliate program because of their lifetime commission payouts for referred customers. Commissions can be somewhat limited in the first three months that an affiliate is a member with Pinnacle Sports, but the ways to earn commissions becomes unlimited after that initial evaluation period. This evaluation period is designed as a way for their network to evaluate whether an affiliate is profitable for them or not.

When an affiliate refers a paying customer to Pinnacle Sports, they will be able to earn commissions in two ways. The first way to earn commissions is based on the volume of wagers that a referred customer performs. The second way to earn commissions is from a straight revenue share, which requires referred customers to be losing money overall, and Pinnacle Sports shares this net money loss with the referring affiliate.

One last sports affiliate program that is worth mentioning is Clickbank. There are a wide variety of sports related digital products and services available on Clickbank. Many of these are products related to sports betting like coaching programs, training e-books and videos, and sports betting software. The commissions available to affiliates for referring sales on Clickbank products is considerably higher than on other networks, but it is important that affiliates carefully select which companies to promote.

While there are a lot of great software tools, other products, and services on Clickbank, there are also some low-quality products that use invasive advertising methods and ultimately result in high refund rates. As a sports affiliate with Clickbank, a small amount of research into the products to be promoted from this program can really help to increase overall monthly income.

With sports betting systems, it may also be important to look into the legalities of certain online betting and gambling practices in some countries. Promoting a betting system for a type of online gambling that is illegal in a particular country can be a waste of time that an affiliate website is primarily visited by people living in that country.

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