Squeeze Page Building Made Easy – Advice and Software that You Can Use

Squeeze pages are basically just pages designed to get people to submit their email addresses. While this may not sound very exciting or profitable, it is the cornerstone of a good deal of online marketing. The following covers their basics and how you can create and use them in your business.

The reasoning behind squeeze pages
While landing pages (a squeeze page is a type of landing page, but this usage is referring to landing pages dedicated solely to selling a single product) can convert visitors to paying customers, they work best in conjunction with squeeze pages. This is because site visitors generally do not make major purchases from sites they have never been to before. As is explained in hot and cold traffic, it is far easier to sell to people who have been warmed up with repeated visits or other interaction with a marketer or website. By using squeeze pages to capture email addresses, you can build a trusting relationship with contacts through communication (email marketing, newsletters and the like) before offering them products. Not only are customers more likely to buy this way, but you also will be building highly targeted lists of people, who may be customers for years to come.

Squeeze Pages 101 – Learning the Basics
Squeeze pages are also known by some other names. They are referred to as opt-in pages, lead capture pages, sign-up pages and subscription pages in some internet circles. However, no matter what they are called, squeeze pages operate on the same basic principle – offer something of value, usually for free, to entice visitors to give you their name and email address. What you offer could be anything from an ebook or special website content to software. 

So, why should you use squeeze pages? Well, while the typical sales page (one that doesn’t use any lead-in page strategy) convert at a rate of 1% to 5%, good squeeze pages normally result in a 20% to 25% conversion rate. Some top squeeze pages even convert at a rate of 30% to 50%, and you can then be on your way to converting subscribers to paying customers. This article on listing building will aid in finding new subscribers.

However, please note that such results can only be achieved by squeeze pages that have the following qualities:

  • Attention grabbing headline. A good headline is bold and catchy. Since it may be the only thing that visitors read, make sure your headline catches their attention to make them want to read the rest of the page.
  • An offer that’s hard to resist. Give your visitors a very good reason to give you their contact information.
  • Well-written sales copy. One secret that you probably need to know – emotions sell. So, let your copy appeal to your visitors’ emotions and explain what’s in it for them should they decide to take you on your offer. Talk about benefits and don’t make it a long spew most people are not going to read.
  • Good quality graphics. Graphics should be used much less on squeeze pages than sales pages, as too many can distract readers. However, a limited number of relevant, quality graphics are a good way to give the eyes a break, focus readers and allow them to better absorb what they are seeing.
  • Compelling sales video. Putting a sales video next to the optin form can really increase conversion rates.
  • Clear call to action (CTA). Keep things focused with minimal distractions and don’t use the words ‘go’ or ‘submit’ for your form button. Use ‘get your free ebook now’ or ‘download now’ if you’re offering an ebook or whitepaper in exchange for your visitors’ contact information.
  • Minimal web form. Use a lead capture form that only asks for the bare essentials – a name and a valid email address. Alternatively, if you can make do with just an email address, then by all means go for it.
  • Mobile friendly. Be sure the page displays properly on mobile screens.
  • Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Security Badge. While a lot of marketers seem to take this for granted, including a disclaimer, privacy policy and a security badge in your squeeze pages can help you gain your visitors’ trust and protect you against lawsuits. These elements can also help increase your conversion rates.

How to Create Effective Squeeze Pages

squeeze page buildingWhen it gets down to the process of actually making a squeeze page, there are different options that can be used.

  1. You can hire a website designer, preferably one who understands how effective squeeze pages should be designed to ensure maximum conversion. This option can be costly, but checking sites to include Freelancer or internet marketing forums will often turn up people who will do it at a reasonable cost.
  2. Alternatively, you can opt to do it yourself, even if you have no prior designing or coding skills, by using a pre-made template or squeeze page generating software.

If you would like to go with the second option, here are some tools you may want to consider:

WordPress themes and plugins.
For those using WordPress, there are lots of themes and plugins that give you the freedom to create high converting squeeze pages. WP Spire (theme, plugin and bundle), WP Squeeze Page Generator Premium plugin, Thesis, Premise, and WP Sales Engine, are just some of the WP themes and plugins that come in highly recommended by internet marketers. You may also want to check out the WP Optimize, FlexSqueeze, Profits and Marketers CMS themes to see which one will best suit your needs.

For those using ClickBump Engine, as this site also utilizes, squeeze pages can be installed with a simple template change. This software also offers various SEO features and other advantages to those using it.

Squeeze page generating software
Of course, many people are not using WordPress. For other types of sites, any of the following software will work fine.

Squeeze Page Generator by Leon Klepfish ($67)
According to its owner-developer, the Squeeze Page Generator can help online business owners create a fully functional squeeze page with just four clicks. The package also comes with four professionally designed squeeze page templates, three bonus ebooks and an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

10 Minute Squeeze Pages (Free 15-day trial; $17 per month thereafter)
This web-based software claims that it can help you build squeeze pages within 10 minutes. The package comes with 65 squeeze page templates, weekly live webinar help sessions, a free 15-day trial period and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Point and Click Squeeze Page Generator ($7)
Created by internet marketer James Francis, this software offers ‘point-and-click’ squeeze page building and editing that is certified ‘newbie-friendly’. It comes with two-page layouts (traditional squeeze page and video squeeze page), seven opt-in templates and color styles, five instructional videos and a 60-day risk-free trial. The package also includes a full-featured page editor and advanced customization options for those who need them.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator ($0)
The Instant Squeeze Page Generator created by internet marketer and traffic marketing expert Robert Puddy is another ‘point-and-click’ software made especially for creating squeeze pages. The package comes with free templates, graphics and products that you can offer to your visitors.

EBR Video Squeeze Page Generator ($0)
By using the EBR Video Squeeze Page Generator, you can create video squeeze pages in literally minutes (less than 5 minutes, according to its creator E. Brian Rose). The software features an easy to use interface so it can be used by both newbies and experienced marketers alike. It also offers full customization and split-testing capabilities, works with mobile marketing and is fully compatible with AWeber and Profollow accounts.

As any experienced online marketer will tell you, the money is definitely ‘in the list’. With the tips, tools and software mentioned above, it doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming to get started.

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