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Do you know that you can make money from your website by utilizing the power of ad networks for publishers? If you are looking for ways to make some money online, in conjunction with affiliate marketing or without, you can always try incorporating paid ads into your site.

When websites are monetized with affiliate programs be it physical, digital products or CPA affiliate marketing, visitors need to purchase a product or perform some other action for the publisher to be paid. With PPC ads on your site, visitors only need to click on the ads for you to make money. These clicks will not pay as well as selling products, but they are easier to generate, and revenue is more consistent. It is also possible to use ads in conjunction with selling products.

In addition, it is great for those types of sites are not well suited for affiliate marketing, and for those webmasters who are simply not interested in it. However, keep in mind that ad websites usually need significant traffic to generate good income since they do not pay as well and most visitors do not click on ads.

Many ad networks also offer CPM (cost per impression) ads that only need to be seen to generate revenue, but these pay the lowest rates.

Keep in mind that advertisers are bidding to have ads placed on websites, and that some keywords will pay much more than others.

If you want to see how this website monetization strategy will work for you, here are some top ad networks for publishers that you may want to consider:

Google AdSense (www.google.com/adsense)
Without a doubt, Google’s Adsense is still the undisputed leader in the world of PPC advertising. AdSense is relatively easy to join and is open for publishers all over the world. It provides highly relevant ads related to the website’s content resulting in higher click-through rates (CTR).

Affiliates do not get to choose what ads they will display on this network, and there is no guarantee that a high-paying ad will be displayed. However, careful control of content on a website will allow an affiliate to have a certain degree of control over what kind of ads will be shown on their website. This is generally done by selecting high-paying keyword phrases as website or page topics.

While Adsense will generally pay more than other networks, it does have its detractors.  The following are the most common complaints against this program:top ad networks for publishers

  • High payout threshold. With the minimum payout set at $100, those with very little traffic may need to wait for a long time before they can cash in their earnings.
  • Unclear ad rates. With AdSense, there is no way to determine the individual ad payout rates.
  • Google has the right to discontinue running ads on your site anytime. This can get blog owners into trouble if they heavily rely on Adsense for their income.
  • The wrong ads appearing on the site. While it is possible to ban 200 URLs from advertising on a site, this may simply not be enough for certain niches and entering them can be tiresome.

Chitika (www.chitika.com)
Chitika is one of the best alternatives there is to Google’s Adsense. Aside from having decent CPC rates, Chitika also has a lower payout threshold ($10 for Paypal, $50 for checks) and can be used alongside other ad programs including Google’s AdSense and Adbrite without any trouble. As such, using it can multiply a website or blog’s potential earnings.

So, what’s the catch? Well, Chitika only displays high paying, highly relevant ads (Premium ads) when traffic is generated via the search engines and when your visitor is from the US, Canada, UK, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and India, among others. Lower paying and less targeted ads (Select ads) are then shown when traffic is generated from social networks or from any other referral methods as well as when your visitor is not from any of the countries mentioned above.

AdBrite (www.adbrite.com)
With AdBrite, website owners can fully monetize their traffic since the network pays a certain amount per 1000 unique page impressions. It also allows website owners to review and reject ads, set individual ad rates and sell ad space from their sites. AdBrite ads can be used alongside AdSense ads, has a lower payout threshold ($5) and offers a larger percentage (75%) to website and blog owners. Isn’t this quite a refreshing change?

Still, some publishers are not satisfied with AdBrite ads since they generate low CTRs when the ads are not relevant to the content of the sites at times. Others find the delay in the payment of the revenues to be quite annoying.

BidVertiser (www.bidvertiser.com)
Just like AdBrite, BidVertiser also allows publishers to manually approve ads. With its transparency policy, publishers can see how much the advertisers are bidding for individual ad spaces. BidVertiser’s low payout threshold ($10) and bonus payment structure for high converting ads entice publishers to choose their program over other ad networks. However, some publishers are turned off by the low CTR and the irrelevant ads that sometime appear on their sites.

BuySellAds (http://buysellads.com/)
This is a way to directly sell ads on websites, as well as buy advertising space, unlike the other programs listed here. It is basically a network that brings publishers and advertisers together. After registering, adding websites and offering space and pricing (the ads are customizable), the publisher sites will appear in the BuySellAds directory, and advertisers can purchase space on them. While BuySellAds charges a 25% commission on the ads, this is lower than what Adsense and many other networks take.

However, this program is relatively difficult for publishers to join. Their sites must meet certain criteria to be accepted, which includes having unique and frequently updated content and more than 100,000 impressions per month.

Clicksor (www.clicksor.com)
Clicksor offer higher percentages (85%), fast payments (15 days) through check or PayPal. Minimum payout is set at $50 for checks and $20 for Paypal. However, some publishers report malicious codes being installed on their websites after using Clicksor.

Infolinks (www.infolinks.com)
If you would rather have inline text ads, then Infolinks may be the one you’re looking for. Some publishers claim that they had better CTRs and higher earnings with Infolinks. Perhaps this is because the ads are non-intrusive and are placed where they cannot be ignored.

Infolinks scans website content in a similar manner to Google Adsense, except Infolinks turns keywords within the content into targeted advertisement links. Since these ads are nothing like Google Adsense ads, they can be used together. Infolinks also guarantees to pay the highest revenue share to any affiliate, despite their traffic levels. Google Adsense in infamous for paying a lower revenue share to most of their affiliates while only offering higher earnings to sites with more traffic.

Kontera (www.kontera.com)
Kontera text link ads are contextually relevant and generally unobtrusive so they naturally attract more clicks. However, those little windows that open when visitors hover over the links can be very annoying for some readers.

While there may not be a perfect ad network for publishers at present, using this monetization strategy can undoubtedly help website and blog owners maximize the earning potentials of their sites. So, if you are ready to make money from your website without affiliate marketing, ads may be the way to go.

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