Reviews of Top Affiliate Networks

While there are more affiliate marketing networks out there than those covered below, the following are the most popular ones. These networks, as well as our listing of affiliate programs, are certainly enough to provide any marketer with the products they need to make money promoting what interests them. Look through them until and find exactly what suits you.

Commission Junction (www.cj.com)
Commission Junction is one of the oldest and largest affiliate marketing networks on the internet and is a good choice for novice webmasters interested in affiliate marketing. Commission Junction serves 62% of the top 500 retail companies that use third party affiliate services on the internet. This is a flagship brand in the affiliate marketing industry so inevitably there will be negative reviews and dissatisfied customers. Commission Junction pays the marketers from Commission Junctions capital rather than from the merchants so payment is predictable and reliable. The downside is that Commission Junction does not work with accept PayPal as do many other online businesses.

Commission Junction works over 1500 top brands, including Yahoo, Dell, Home Depot and many others. The company has offices all over the world and can provide many tools to help webmasters be successful marketing online. Commission Junction has different ways for webmasters to earn as well as creative banners and links to help with promotions and increasing revenue from the website. It requires webmasters to apply to each merchant opposed to having an open venue model like other affiliate marketers. This leads to different terms and refund standards with individual merchants instead of a standard for the entire network. The user interface and webmaster services may not be the best but Commission Junction has established a strong place among the top of affiliate marketing industry.

ClickBank (www.ClickBank.com)
ClickBank has been rated the number one affiliate-marketing network for the year 2011. This affiliate-marketing network has been around since the late 1990s and has a strong niche in the digital information, and retails products online. ClickBank has over 50,000 different products for affiliate marketers to choose from and there are currently over 100,000 active affiliate marketers. ClickBank claimed to paid affiliate marketers over 1.8 billion annually with over 35,000 transactions per day in 2011. ClickBank offers up to 75 percent commission to affiliate marketers and provides direct deposit for quick and easy payments.

ClickBank has a wide variety of high-end digital products and accepts over 13 different currencies from around the world. It also allows affiliate marketers to work with any of the available merchants without individual applications. ClickBank has a referral program for finding qualified vendors to join ClickBank as well; the compensation is a small percentage of each sale from the vendor. ClickBank is a great resource for blogs and niche websites selling eBooks and digital products. This affiliate-marketing network can be very lucrative for both novice and experienced webmasters alike. ClickBank has many popular products and software that appeal to both the major mainstream and niche markets of demand on the internet.

Amazon Associates (https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/)
The Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet. This is another flagship brand; one of the oldest and best-performing affiliate programs available on the internet. Amazon is a very popular retail website that receives 40 percent of its revenue from the affiliate program. Amazon is not the easiest affiliate program to navigate, but it is one of the most profitable and trusted networks on the internet. The program is free to join, and the Amazon program provides many innovative tools to help webmasters promote affiliate products and build a wealthy online business.

Amazon has product image links, normal text links and enhanced links with product images and text along with the Amazon logo. If the visitor buys anything on Amazon after following the link, the site owner will be paid; the purchase does not have to be on the specified landing page. This is a benefit to most marketers because many visitors will purchase something from Amazon more willingly than from another website. Amazon also has professional banners and widgets to help marketers promote products. Amazon has aStore, which enables webmasters to build up to 100 storefronts that only take minutes to make with no programming knowledge.

LinkShare (www.linkshare.com)
affiliate networksLinkShare was founded in 1996 and was rated the top affiliate marketeering network for 2011 by a number of media outlets. This is one of the most popular and profitable affiliate-marketing networks to join on the internet. LinkShare works with many Fortune 500 companies like J.C Penney, American Express, Avon and 1-800 Flowers.com to name a few. LinkShare provides three services to drive the revenue for the network. This affiliate network has focused their efforts on affiliate marketing, lead generation and search marketing as well. LinkShare offers real-time reporting to make it easier for affiliates to track significant trends in their sales numbers.

The affiliate network is free to join and only has a one-dollar threshold for direct deposit. This affiliate network has innovative products to help promote popular merchants, and the customer service is top quality to support a variety of diverse webmaster needs. LinkShare also has different levels of affiliate programs to accommodate different levels of webmaster and ecommerce needs. Experts from the company can serve as consultants to help guide and manage the online business into profitability and sustainability. The headquarters is located in New York City, but the company does have locations all over the country.

Shareasale (http://www.shareasale.com/)
Shareasale gets generally positive reviews online from webmasters and bloggers. This affiliate network could be a great jumping-off point for a new online marketer. Shareasale is based in Chicago and was founded in 2000. Currently, this affiliate network has more than 2,500 retail products and over 2,000 merchants for affiliate webmasters to work with. The affiliate network offers customized links and high commission rates in niche markets. Shareasale pays webmasters once a month as long as the minimum $50 threshold is met; the network pays by direct deposit, PayPal or check by mail.

The affiliate network also has a small referral program for webmasters as well. Shareasale pays the affiliate webmasters based on the performance or sales generated and according to the specific terms that vary for each particular merchant. Shareasale will be most beneficial to webmasters with at least minimal knowledge of affiliate marketing as the amount of information can be overwhelming for some. There are many creative links and banners to help webmasters convert sales and increase commissions daily as the traffic generation techniques improve. Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks a webmaster can join on the internet.

PepperJam (http://www.pepperjam.com/)
PepperJam Network is a mid-level affiliate-marketing network that gets relatively positive but mostly mixed reviews. PepperJam Network was founded in 1999 and is now one of the more renowned CPA networks today. The network hosts its own referral program and pays webmasters for approved affiliate applications. PepperJam is free to join and is a lucrative program for the people that dedicate a consistent effort and have steady online traffic sources. PepperJam provides a commission summary, transaction details, summary reporting and creative link details as well as other services to help webmasters be successful.

Pepper Jam is a GSI Media company that is near the top of the ranks for online technology and marketing.  Pepper Jam takes a “better the work, better the pay” type approach and in turn is very strong on the customer service side.  This affiliate marketing company is very user friendly; Pepper Jam establishes long relationships with their merchants through their expert customer service and up to date technology.  Pepper Jam’s customer service and industry experience combined with their innovative technology makes this is an excellent source for affiliate-marketing positions.

Paydotcom (http://paydotcom.com/)
Paydotcom is very similar to the ClickBank affiliate program. This affiliate-marketing network has many of the same products as its rival ClickBank and some it does not. Many webmasters find this affiliate network easier to use than ClickBank, although the user-interface is lacking and over-simplistic to other users. Finding information within the tracking system can be a task at times for some marketers; the information is not as instant or obvious as with ClickBank. Paydotcom pays by PayPal once a month, however this affiliate network does not pay the webmasters directly. The merchants pay the affiliates, so there can be delays receiving paid commissions at times.

Affiliates can earn up to 80 percent of the commission through links and various widgets provided by Paydotcom. The network provides the ability to create instant order buttons, secure download pages and other useful tools as well. Some of the top sellers in this network right now are The Best Spinner, My Data Team Global Data Entry & Traditional Data Entry Jobs, the 3WayLinks.net Subscription, Instant Article Wizard and The Smart Cash System – Make $4000 Per Week From Home program.

Skimlinks (http://skimlinks.com/)
Skimlinks offers an innovative and effortless platform for webmasters to create additional revenue from content on websites.  This network has over 17,000 merchants in over 25 different affiliate networks so affiliates can receive high commissions. By simply installing a plugin and registering the websites, webmasters can make additional income off the appropriate merchants in the Skimlink network that match the websites content. Many webmasters like this network because of the easy opportunity to make extra revenues with minimal work.

Skimlinks uses Skimwords and Skimlinks to automatically monetize the links and content already on the website. This allows webmasters to earn additional revenue from their content easily.  The network has a poor tracking system, and reporting can be delayed for up to two days at times. Many webmasters are not able to track what the visitors are actually buying through Skimlinks. However, marketers can track the clicks for outgoing links. This network platform is a great avenue to earn from major big brand merchants that were otherwise seemingly impossible to join. This is a favorite for webmasters who have been previously denied to programs that may be a part of this vast network.

oneNetworkDirect (http://www.onenetworkdirect.com/)
The oneNetworkDirect affiliate network currently has the largest digital retail product collection available online. Digital River was founded in 1994; the company now operates the oneNetworkDirect affiliate-marketing network. The company has its headquarters in Minnesota. Digital River focuses on helping large global companies manage profitable ecommerce ventures online. Some of the most popular merchants that work with the OneNetworkDirect  affiliate network are McAfee, Roxio, Big Fish Games, the Microsoft Store, Logitech, and EA Sports Games to name a few. Many of the software products mean high margins for webmasters and there are many creative banners and links to help boost conversion rates.

The network pays the affiliates directly, and oneNetworkDirect provides a trial tracker to help increase commission for webmasters. The software products for this affiliate network are consistently in high demand, so there is a great potential for earning sales revenue here; the products pay up to 80% commission. The affiliate network also offers extra bonuses and rewards for ever-achievers as well. This is a network is definitely worth researching for webmasters who are involved in the technology or software niche. The payment threshold is only $25, and the network pays out to webmasters once a month.

Avantlink (http://www.avantlink.com/)
Avantlink is a smaller innovative affiliate network that is worth looking into. This affiliate network has innovative tools for webmasters and a very active blog for support as well. The tools can help webmasters increase their commissions because the software keeps the prices and items up to date with the merchants at all times. Avantlink wants professional and serious affiliates in their program. The most noticeable brand name merchant is Eddie Bauer for now, but the affiliate network does have a wide variety of products, especially in the household and outdoor equipment sectors.

Avantlink could be a profitable network for webmasters who are interested in a specific market or underserved niche. The network does not have big brand name merchants yet, but the standards are still high so affiliates can be certain the products and landing pages are of top quality. Avantlink has been recognized as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies for 2011. The innovative tools are what differentiate Avantlink from its competitors. There are tools for customized links, dynamic deal feeds, deals of the day, embedded video ads and other link widgets as well. There is also Avantlink WP to make the network tools easily function on within WordPress.

Google Affiliate Network (http://www.google.com/ads/affiliatenetwork/)
Google originally purchased its affiliate network in 2008; the search engine empire has been steadily growing the affiliate-marketing network since then. Google Affiliate Network is one on the best affiliate marketing networks for people to join if they are already fans of Google. The affiliate network has over 850 popular advertisers who have a variety of products for nearly every market. The payments are tied in with the Google AdSense account so reaching the threshold is even easier for active webmasters with AdSense. There are several Google tools to support webmaster’s affiliate campaigns in this network.

Google provides easy product searching and link building for webmasters as well as customizable links for the more advanced users. Google also provides link subscriptions to keep the merchant’s products fresh on the webmaster’s website. The real-time reporting is very thorough and can be customized; many webmasters use Google Insights and Adwords along with AdSense to build a strong foundation for affiliate campaigns. The commission varies with each individual merchant, and affiliates are typically paid within 30 days of the sale. With the support of the other platforms and the Google Affiliate Network, Google can be a one-stop shop for all of a webmaster’s affiliate campaign needs.

eBay (https://ebaypartnernetwork.com/files/hub/en-US/index.html)
The eBay Partner Network is a well-known affiliate-marketing program offered by eBay for webmasters and bloggers to make money.  eBay is one of the most popular name brands on the internet so this can be a very lucrative affiliate network for almost any type of experienced network on the internet. The eBay Partner Network went through some structural changes around the year 2008 to raise the quality of the leads generated by the lead program; this reform purged many affiliates and focused the compensation on quality clicks and leads that translate in both the short-term and long-term. eBay has reshaped an affiliate program that is now based more on quality visitors than quantity.

Webmasters will still need to be experienced and have some substantial traffic on a website in order to be accepted. The changes in the affiliate program make it easier for webmaster to focus their efforts into one or a small number of high-quality sites opposed to a multitude of micro niche sites with superficial content. Assertive and experienced webmasters are able to make thousands of dollars each month with this affiliate program by sending quality clicks and visitors to the online auction site. eBay totes that the top 25 affiliates in the program make more than $100,000 per month. Webmasters can use links, banners and images to send visitors to the eBay website. Once the visitor signs up, confirms and buys, bids or lists an item the earnings per click data goes to the webmaster. The minimum payout threshold is $25; eBay uses either PayPal or direct deposit to send payments once a month.

Affiliatenetwork.com (http://affiliatenetwork.com/)
Affiliatenetwork.com often ranks in the top 20 affiliate-marketing networks. This subsidiary affiliate network focuses on lead generation and performance based advertising. The network has many good offers for consumers and has a strong in opt-in email service for affiliates. For the most part, the network works with merchants and affiliates in highly profitable specialized niches. Some of the markets Affiliatenetwork.com works in are sub-prime financial, including auto loan, credit and cash advance offers. This network focuses on supplying merchants with high-quality customers while providing high revenues for publishers as well. Some of the offers online associated with this network are CashBailOutUSA, HomePaycheck.net, CashWire 1500, AutoLoanBailout and Diplomasforjobs.com. The minimum payment for this network is only $25. The reviews for this network are generally positive, although there are a few dissatisfied with internet users who felt the network was disorganized in regards to in-house communication and customer contact. There are currently more than 175 offers available for webmasters on this network. Most of the offers are highly profitable cash advance and auto loan websites.

AffiliateFuture (http://www.affiliatefuture.com/home.asp)
AffiliateFuture is an affiliate network that is focused mainly on the UK and has a wide variety of merchants available. The affiliate network has affiliates in America, the UK and Europe as well. This affiliate-marketing network is free to join and has no obligations for affiliates or merchants once they sign up. Affiliates can decide to start or stop working for any affiliate they decide. The wide selection of available merchants makes this a great choice for webmasters involved in promoting products for niche websites. This affiliate network does not have the larger name brands of the other major networks, but the wide variety of products makes up for no-name brands.

The AffiliateFuture offers real-time tracking and pays once a month so webmasters are easily able to track their expected commissions every month. This network has rent-a-car services, merchants that sell supplements, books, shopping affiliate programs and beauty affiliate programs as well. Almost any kind of merchant can be found on the AffiliateFuture network. There are some small issues in regards to communication, tracking and the referral program depending on the user’s location. AffiliateFuture does seem to wholeheartedly attempt to resolve disputes with affiliates though.

Peerfly (http://peerfly.com/)
Peerfly is a CPA network that gets positive reviews from most webmasters who use the affiliate network and is one of the best. The affiliate network is based in Florida and was founded in the year 2008. This affiliate network is very reputable and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. This CPA network has stringent standards and is quick to suspend or ban any webmaster they feel is manipulated or circumventing their system.

This network has very popular trial and various types of offers that pay most webmasters as least one to three dollars.  Some of the featured offers provided by the Peerfly affiliate network are the SnoreZip Trial, As seen on TV, Smoke Deter and Lower My Bills.  This affiliate has over 545 offers for webmasters to promote. The minimum payment threshold for this network is $50 and the pay can be monthly, weekly, biweekly or even sometimes on a daily basis by request. The affiliate network offers a 5 percent referral commission to webmasters as well. The pay can be sent by wire, check by mail or by PayPal. Many webmasters are successful in obtaining consistent income with several offers and programs provided by this network.

Linkconnector (http://www.linkconnector.com/affiliate.htm)
Linkconnector is a small affiliate network that receives relatively mixed reviews. This affiliate network does not have any major brand name merchants; affiliates have complained that some of the merchants are rather suspect. However, there are also many happy affiliate marketers pleased with their Linkconnector’s experiences. This network is very adamantly against fraudulent behavior by the affiliates in the network. The affiliate network pays once a month, and the minimum threshold is $100 for payout. This is a smaller affiliate network in the industry, but they do offer a variety of ways for webmasters to earn high commissions.

Affiliates can be paid a number of ways when working with the Linkconnector affiliate network. This network allows affiliates to manage many campaigns under one account by applying easy link creation and dynamic feeds as well. Affiliates can be paid by pay per sale, pay per call, pay per go, pay per click or pay per lead transactions. The affiliate network provides webmasters with a number of ways to track the information to follow the commissions and conversion rates throughout the month. This can be a very lucrative network for assertive webmasters able to develop a niche among the list of diverse merchants at Linkconnector.

ClixGalore (http://www.clixgalore.com/)
Some webmasters have ClixGalore rated as one of the top affiliate networks available on the internet. This is a smaller network with high-quality incentives for both merchants and affiliates. There are currently over 9,500 merchants and over 20,000 active affiliates apart of this network. This is a global affiliate network with a presence in the USA, India, Japan, Australia and the UK. There are a limited number of name brand merchants available, but there are many unique products that provide affiliates advantages in niche markets. There are a few different types and tiers of commission available in this network.

There are many webmasters who have problems with this network because of payment problems and more often subpar customer service. There are a number of complaints about the quality of service and communication when dealing with the network. There were settled disputes, when the network contacted the webmaster and apologized, as well as disputes that went unresolved as well. Webmasters should take the time and do some extra research exploring options before settling with this affiliate network. This network has a variety of tiers of pay and programs to incentivize webmasters to earn high commissions.

Affiliate.com (http://affiliate.com)
Affilaite.com is one of the most popular CPA networks around and a favorite of many marketers. This large network was founded in the year 2001 and has a great variety of merchants and available offers to help webmasters gain high commissions. There are only relatively few isolated negative reviews. The affiliate network can provide real time direct tracking so webmasters can stay informed of the weekly payments. This can be a very valuable network to webmasters working in micro niche websites. Other webmasters are able to make substantial conversions from just one or two favorite offers.

Some of the available merchants on this website provide services related to the automotive business, different opportunities related to education, babies and family, beauty, careers, credit and debt, dating, diet/ Fitness/Exercise, electronics, food and grocery, men’s’ interests, mobile and ring tones, rewards and giveaways, sweepstakes, travel and others as well. This is one of the most well respected networks in the industry. Affiliate.com accepts both novice and experienced webmasters. The network also has domain services and an email marketing service to help webmasters increase their commissions.

ClickBooth (http://www.clickbooth.com/)
ClickBooth is a very popular affiliate network with some webmasters and advertisers. The company is based in south Florida and has been rated as one of the top affiliate networks in the world and as one of the fastest-growing private companies. This affiliate network offers CPA and CPC offers for advertisers to earn high commissions. The network works with some of the top companies on the internet like Google and Yahoo. ClickBooth pays out over 15 million in commissions each month and there are currently over 70,000 webmaster affiliates. This network also offers a 2% lifetime referral commission to webmasters as well. The network pays out once a month, and the minimum payout is a $50 threshold.

ClickBooth has over 4,000 offers available for webmasters to promote on their websites. Over 400 of these offers are exclusive to the ClickBooth network. Both the CPA and CPC programs from this network have proven to be extremely profitable for some webmasters. There are text links and image links that offer a variety of easy ways to earn high commissions. Webmasters also have the ability to customize banners to match specific website themes. The programs vary greatly so it will take some time finding the most profitable offers that fit an appropriate and viable niche. There are webmasters who claim this network is a fraud and report payment problems, but the overwhelming majority of the reviews are extremely positive with long-term testimonials and accolades.

Adknowledge (http://www.adknowledge.com)
In 2010, Adknowledge affiliate network acquired the popular Hydra network. Adknowledge is an affiliate and exclusive CPA advertising network. This affiliate network has now become the largest private affiliate network in the world after the acquisition of three other networks as well. Adknowledge was founded in 2004 and currently has over 10,000 advertisers in the network. Adknowledge provides affiliate network opportunities for webmasters, monetization opportunities for game developers and email marketing opportunities for those with massive contact lists. Adstation is their email-marketing platform that allows webmasters to choose ads and custom templates to apply to emails.

This affiliate network has two different programs for websites. Their XML Feed is a CPC program claiming high payouts, and there is also the Engage widget that recommends relevant ads and reputable articles beneath content. The Adknowledge provides both CPC and CPA opportunities for affiliates. This network requires the website be at least two months old and must have a good Alexa ranking with considerable numbers of visitors every day. There are real-time statistics available and many tools in the user-interface to help webmasters optimize commissions with the network.

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