A Review of the Top Article Directories

Article marketing continues to remain a very useful tool for those establishing an online presence.  More than just helping increase traffic to your sites and getting valuable backlinks to help in your SEO efforts, submitting good-quality articles to the top article directories can also confer you an expert status in your field.

Top Article Directories

Not all article directories are the same. With the time it takes to create quality articles, it is a good idea to choose the directories they are submitted to carefully to make sure all your hard work counts. Since different directories vary in the topics they specialize in, the best directories to choose for any niche will vary. However, the following directories are some of the top-performing ones across a variety of topics and are a good place to start.

With a Google Page Rank of 6 and an Alexa rating of 399 at the time of writing, EzineArticles (EZA) is a good place to start any article marketing campaign. After all, no one can deny that Google sends some love to this site. Perhaps the fact that every article in EZA is actually reviewed by a human editor has a lot to do with this. We all know that Google loves quality content, and that’s specifically what EZA aims to provide.

EzineArticles has four (4) levels of free membership – Basic, Basic Plus, Platinum and Diamond. New members are automatically granted the Basic status, but they can work their way up to the Platinum and Diamond status once they have proven their worth.

EZA also offers a paid membership subscription (Premium Membership). Although it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that each one of your articles will be accepted, being a Premium member allows for speedier reviews and provides you with insider keyword data to help you come up with articles guaranteed to rank higher in the search engines.

To make sure your articles get accepted at EZA, you should always submit original, good-quality articles. EZA rejects overly promotional articles, so make sure the title and the body of your article do not contain any promotional links. You can use the author resource box to link to your business website or blog but make sure it does not point to any direct affiliate links.

ArticlesBase is another free article directory to consider. With an Alexa rating of 1,864 and a Google PR of 6, submitting your articles to this directory can get you a lot of traffic. Aside from this, articles submitted to ArticlesBase also rank high in the search engines since it only accepts original, good-quality articles and rejects overly promotional articles. However, whereas EZA allows two live links at the author’s resource box, ArticlesBase allows three links. Unfortunately, a major downside regarding this site is that the links are nofollow.

Another great thing about ArticlesBase is that aside from allowing your visitors to share your articles with their network on Facebook, Google and Twitter, it also allows visitors to socially bookmark your articles with a single click of a button. Your readers may likewise choose to follow your work via RSS, so they will be notified whenever you publish a new article. Hey, isn’t that great?

For webmasters who receive more than 5000 unique visitors per day, ArticlesBase also offers a revenue sharing program wherein they share 30% of their Adsense revenue.  Additionally, you get to brand all the members you refer with your links and information.

GoArticles Top Article Directories
With a Google PR of 2 and an Alexa rank of 2,824, GoArticles, ‘the web’s largest free content article directory,’ is a good place to start. This online article directory gives your links a dofollow attribute and guarantees fast approval of articles as well (a bit too quick, in fact, which means not all of their articles are of the best quality).

The resource box can have a maximum of three links pointing to your site. You can put another three links in the body of the article, but these should be related directly to the content and should not be promotional in any way.

Isnare has Google PR of 5 and Alexa of 11,480 and offers free and paid services. Those who go with their free service can submit up to five articles to their directory a day.

However, to get an extra boost from your articles, Isnare will distribute them to other directories. To get this service, users can either join a monthly plan or buy credits they can use as they go. By buying credits, which is the way most users go, articles can be distributed for $2 or less, depending upon how many credits are purchased at a time.

For those who do not want to pay for distribution, the free service still is a worthwhile submission.

Isnare had a reputation of being very slow at approving articles and bad customer support overall but have since dramatically speeded up their approval process.

ArticleSnatch has an Alexa ranking of 4,442 and a Google PR of 5. Given this information, you should also consider using this site to distribute your articles over the web. To minimize the risk of rejection, you should only submit original articles with absolutely no explicit or overly promotional content.

ArticleSnatch allows a maximum of three links in the author resource box so you can use it to direct readers to your own sites and other helpful sites (as long as they are not affiliate links). Hyperlinks are also allowed in the body of the article (one link per 100 words of content), but such links will receive a no follow tag. Submitting articles that are in direct violation to these guidelines may result in account termination, so beware.

Amazines tag itself as ‘the ultimate free article directory’ and has a Google PR of 4 and an Alexa rank of 6,041. It allows multiple links in the body of the article, and offers dofollow tags as well. As such, you will also get a lot of benefits by submitting articles to this site.

With so many directories to choose from, it is best to first concentrate on a select number. Use the ones above and/or any others that offer good benefits. Factors to consider include:

  • The popularity of the directory: A popular directory will bring in more readers, better links and more republishing links.
  • The quality of the articles in the directory: Keep in mind that those directories that do not screen what they accept well may end up with a lot of junk on them.
  • The number of backlinks allowed: Two to three are common.
  • Where backlinks are allowed (backlinks in the article body are more effective than those at the end of the article).

In addition, whatever article directories are utilized, be sure to take the time to properly fill out the profiles with pictures, descriptions and any other requested information.

Article marketing is not a quick way to rank content. However, with the right directories and good articles, it provides long-term results.

More directories can be found here.

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