Some of the Top CPA Networks to Consider

It is important to select networks carefully when signing up as a CPA affiliate. There are many review sites to utilize for this purpose, and some of the most reputable CPA Networks are reviewed below. If you are thinking about signing up for these or any other networks, it is advisable to take a look at the ratings at http://www.affpaying.com/ and find out what other affiliates think about the customer service, payments reliability and conversion rates.

General information about CPA networks
Most of the companies pay 30 days from the end of the month. There is usually a minimum payout of 50 dollars (money accumulates until the payment level is reached). Some companies also offer weekly payouts for top performing affiliates, but in most cases, you will need to generate hundreds of dollars of commissions before this is an option. The first payments are often made by check to prevent fraud and are in the currency of the network, which can sometimes be an issue when cashing them at a local bank. However, after a few months of good performance, it is possible to use direct deposit or PayPal.

MaxBounty CPA network
MaxBounty is one of the oldest and largest networks. It has over 11,000 publishers that are known to pay on time. It also offers referral bonuses for publishers who introduce new marketers to the company. There are a great variety of offers found on the site, from top performing dating lead generation campaigns to health and beauty advertisers.

The best thing about this network is its marketing tools. Linking codes and individual EPC (earnings per click) figures for each promotion tool are displayed. The tested, quality landing pages and the support provided to marketers through affiliate managers, makes this network popular. There are plenty of mobile phone offers, and the reporting is on-time.

The only downfall is that SurveyScout is set up as a default international redirect, which does not convert well at all. Therefore, the segmentation of traffic needs to be handled carefully. The campaigns also change regularly, but if you send traffic to a particular offer that is being withdrawn, you will get an email well before the changes happen, leaving time to redirect visitors.

Neverblue CPA network
top CPA NetworksNeverblue has a great name in the industry because it features a variety of offers and has many international campaigns. The site is very easy to use, and the real-time statistics, conversion figures and graphs make the lives of CPA affiliates much easier. The ability to do advanced searches of campaigns by marketing tools, country, and offer type makes finding the right offers very simple. The results can be sorted by EPC, payout or country. There is a feature to preview the site and set custom international redirects so that a related offer will be selected if the campaign is not available.

The affiliate managers are approachable and supportive when giving advice to marketers who want to make the most out of the offers. Neverblue recently introduced mobile optimized campaigns, and this increases the chances of making money with CPA marketing.

There is a pixel manager system that is very powerful if you would like to set up your own campaign tracking. For those new to this, affiliate managers will help out with advice tutorials. Their advanced banner rotator is a good way of tracking the campaigns as well.

GetOffersDirect is one of the highest rated networks among affiliates. The minimum payment is 50 dollars with a payment frequency of Net15. This means that affiliates get paid 15 days after the fiscal month has been closed. They offer PayPal, check, wire transfer and direct deposit. The network offers a great ten percent referral commission for affiliates introducing new publishers. The network is very competitive, and if you are looking for the highest payout for a popular offer, there is a good chance they have it.

Their tracking system has recently been upgraded to CAKE Marketing, which is more reliable than the previous one. Offersnitch is another advanced feature of the network, which notifies affiliates when an offer goes offline or changes. Overall, although GetOffersDirect is a smaller network with less than a hundred offers, it is a good place to look for marketing opportunities and top converting offers.

CPALead is great for content locking offers, and if you have a busy site, you can earn around a dollar per visitor. You need to learn how to use content locking and incentivized CPA marketing, install the script and choose the campaigns to run. For further information on these types of campaigns, please see incentivized CPA offers.

Specialized CPA networks
There are many niche-specific networks, and they usually offer the highest payout for the niches they specialize in. This is because they can offer advertisers more targeted traffic than general CPA networks.

MarketHealth is the largest for the health and beauty market. It has skin care offers, weight loss, online medication, supplement stores, cosmetics, and many other offers.

The landing pages of the sites are tested by the advertiser, and every offer has its own program manager to answer questions. There are a variety of tools available: from articles to banners, graphic emails and pop up codes.

The payout level is usually around 50 percent on the full price of the order, and the tracking of affiliate links lasts for a lifetime.

MoreNiche has a more diverse targeting, such as male enhancement, beauty, health offers, weight loss and medication. It is a good place to look if you have an adult site, a health and beauty blog and are looking for the highest payout and a great support. Some of the most popular products in the health and beauty niche are found inside; fat burners, anti aging agents and many more. All products have their own affiliate managers who are available through email or instant messenger.

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