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If you want to be more successful in your online business endeavors, you need to know what your customers are looking for – and that’s precisely how keyword research tools can help you.

Without keyword research, you are just shooting into the dark. You need to know what people are looking for. In addition to the actual keywords, keyword research tools provide a wealth of other information about the keywords to include how often they are searched, competition, their cost per click and so on. The right keyword research tool can do a good deal to make your work a lot easier and more productive.

There are a number of tools, both free and paid, and each provides different benefits. Here’s a rundown of the most popular keyword research tools and what you can get from using them.

Market Samurai ( $149 one-time payment; Free Trial version available)market samurai review
Market Samurai, without a doubt, is one of the best keyword research tools on the market today. This desktop application that works seamlessly with Mac and Windows PC lets marketers dig up and save loads of keywords in a very organized fashion. More than just providing a concrete idea on what keywords generate the most searches, Market Samurai takes things a notch higher and provides you with the PPC (current bid prices and advertisers, estimated clicks per day), SEO and other analysis of each keyword.

Market Samurai’s various other tools, to include the SEO Competition tool and Rank Tracker tool, are also very useful. By using these tools, you will know how your keywords rank in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), what sites are ranking for keywords and a wealth of data on those sites. This is extremely important if you want to keep an eye on your SEO efforts and see what the competition is doing.

Market Samurai comes with some other bonus tools that can help you find profitable domains and backlink opportunities. It can also guide you in your article marketing and social networking efforts as well as in uncovering affiliate programs and products in Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction and PayDotCom. If these are still not enough, Market Samurai comes with a landing page generator so you can create your own affiliate landing pages without sweating it out. On top of all these, Market Samurai comes with a 30-day guarantee, free updates for life and priority email support.

Micro Niche Finder ($99)
While Micro Niche Finder was originally designed for what its name implies, uncovering new, low competition niches, it is a great overall keyword tool. This easy-to-use tool pulls its data from Google and uses synonyms and LSI to find keywords based on broad, phrase or exact matches. Searches can be based on geographic region, and the numbers for global and local searches are available.

There are a number of features that go beyond uncovering keywords. It also gives the domain availability (.com, .net, .org), ad costs and monthly revenue potential (MRP) for each keyword, the number of competing sites and the strength of competition (SOC).

Online Commercial Intention (OCI) is an especially neat feature. It gives a commercial value of the keyword. In other words, if those people searching for the keywords are likely to be interested in buying something or just after information. micro niche finder screenshot

There are even brainstorming and hot trends tools. Data can be saved and exported in various ways.

Micro Niche Finder comes with a lifetime update and lifetime support warranty, an additional license so you can install it on a second computer, a Micro Niche Finder ToGo USB Drive, bonus ebooks and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Keyword Researcher ($49.97)
keyword researcher reviewKeyword Researcher promises to help you find low-competition, long-tail keywords that you would never find by using Google’s keyword tool alone. By using this application, you can find ‘how to’ and other question keywords quite easily. Moreover, Keyword Researcher can help you find suitable titles, subtitles and anchor text that you can use in your articles. keyword researcher

It offers a neat and unique way of finding keyword phrases containing a particular word of phrase. Just include the the ” * ” symbol before, between or after the keyword(s) you want related keyword phrases for. For example, a search of “keywords * keywords” will return phrases to include “keywords vs meta keywords.”

As this product is offered through ClickBank, your purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Top Keyword Research ToolsKeyword Spy ($89.95 monthly fee; Free Trial)
By using Keyword Spy’s Keyword Research tool, you can easily uncover who your competitors are and the keywords they are using (both in their PPC campaigns and in attracting organic traffic from the search engines). It has an ROI calculator to help you identify the most profitable keyword and ad copy combinations so you can eliminate the need to do your own testing. However, its rich keyword database (currently estimated at about 127 million) and its relative ease of use are probably the best things Keyword Spy users love about this application.

SpyFu ($79 monthly fee or $499 annual fee; free version also available)
SpyFu is not simply a keyword research tool. In fact, it works better as a competitive research tool since it provides data that can be used in ‘spying’ on your competition. It has a suite of tools designed to determine the top keywords and daily PPC budgets of your competition. It can also provide you with the ad history, best performing ads and landing page destination URL of your competition. Additionally, you can use it to discover your competition’s SEO rankings as well as the domain history of a particular domain name. By using SpyFu, you can also uncover the Top 100 most expensive Adsense keywords – a great feature if you use Adsense on your pages.

While you can use SpyFu without having to subscribe to their monthly or annual plans, getting a subscription increases the volume of the data that you can uncover. SpyFu offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results you are getting.

Keyword Discovery
keyword discovery screenshot
By using Keyword Discovery, its creators guarantee that you can increase traffic to your sites, optimize your website content and Meta tags, and maximize revenues from your PPC campaigns. This application offers global and regional keyword databases, industry and niche-specific databases, as well as eBay and Shopping keywords databases all under the same roof.

You can also use it to uncover who your competitors are along with their top performing keywords and compare them to the keywords you are using on your site, discover the historical trends of up to five keywords at a time, and help you uncover profitable domain names, among others.

Some other features include seasonal search trends, spelling mistake research, KEI analysis, keyword density analysis and a domain researcher tool. You can only unlock its full potential after subscribing to one of their subscription plans.

According to its creator, WordTracker can help you choose the best keywords for your business. More than just providing you with the number of searches, WordTracker provides a KEI indicator for each of the keywords found in its vast database and keeps track of your keyword rankings on Google. It also provides an accurate measurement of the strength of your competition so you’ll know where you should focus your efforts in improving your own sites. WordTracker comes with a 7-day free trial so you can test drive the system to see if you’ll like it before signing up for a paid subscription plan.

Google Keyword Tool ($0)
If you need a free but powerful keyword tool, then the Google Adwords Keyword External Tool must be the one you are looking for. While it is far from being perfect, the abundance of data you can extract by using this free service and the relative ease by which you can do this makes this online tool very useful for newbies and advanced marketers alike.

SEO Book Keyword Selection Tool ($0)
By simply registering for a free account, you can unleash the potentials of SEO Book’s Keyword Selection Tool. Like all other keyword tools mentioned above, this tool does more than just provide you with a list of keywords and the number of searches. It can also do a vertical search to determine if people are talking about your niche topic.

Using keywords effectively

Keyword Organizer
However you obtain your keywords, you are likely to have trouble knowing exactly what you have and keeping related keywords together. As a solution, Keyword Organizer was created as a tool to help you better organize and manage all your keywords. For example, you can import keywords from different sources and easily filter them into related groups. This not only helps with article ideas, but it also makes the articles better as they become easier to write and more complete. Find more details and screenshots at Keyword Organizer.

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