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Certain affiliate marketing niches always remain popular choices because consumers are constantly interested in the products. Numerous travel affiliate programs offer generous commissions on a wide variety of travel related products and services that are invariably in demand.

Among the most popular travel affiliate products are hotel reservations, travel insurance, luggage, car rentals, vacation packages and airplane flight reservations. Some of these products, like hotel reservations, can even be booked as a travel agent affiliate. The best travel agency affiliate programs offer online reservations for the agent along with high paying commissions.

It is important to build websites that are focused on highly targeted travel niches to compete in many travel affiliate markets. These highly targeted travel niches focus on a specific type of product or even a single product. The websites should contain unique content articles that target low competition keyword phrases related to the products being promoted.

The commissions that are paid by various travel affiliate programs are generally based on a set percentage of a referred sale. Although affiliates generally have to refer sales to earn commissions in this niche, the actual commissions earned can be higher than other niches because of the high dollar value of many purchases in this niche.

Another advantage to travel affiliate marketing is that affiliates don’t have to persuade website visitors to complete a purchase. The visitors in this niche are often ready to make a purchase once they find the best deal.

This niche is an excellent choice for email marketing newsletters that are connected to a travel site promoting affiliate offers. These newsletters can be used to capture repeat customers. It can actually be easy to attract new subscribers to these newsletters by offering discount coupon codes that many travel affiliate programs offer.Travel Affiliate Programs

Expedia Affiliate Network
The number one online travel company in the world, Expedia, also runs one of the foremost travel affiliate programs in the world, the Expedia Affiliate Network. As a result, they are one of the highest paying travel affiliate programs and an excellent choice for travel affiliates searching for a wide variety of the best offers.

EAN is one of the most advanced travel affiliate programs because of the variety of in-depth tools that are offered to their affiliates. Easy marketing tools include ways to integrate exclusive deals, various widgets and even property databases on almost any website. Private label hotel booking reservations allow affiliates to integrate hotel reservation sales directly on their own websites.

This network even offers their own API for advanced developers. This API has a wide variety of uses, and one of these has allowed it to be used to power many top-rated travel apps for mobile devices. Even though API offers a lot of power to affiliates, it is not something that most affiliates will be able to use on their own. It requires custom programming to utilize the various API features.

An affiliate  can write a script that will communicate with the API system to access Expedia information, process reservations and more in real-time. The script can then be used on the affiliate’s website, in a mobile app, or even as stand-alone computer software.

Even though they run their own network for travel affiliates, they also participate in other networks, like Commission Junction. Affiliates who want to promote Expedia offers will likely find better commissions on the Expedia network.

Expedia’s reach is not limited to just Expedia.com like many people may think. Expedia Inc. actually owns over 100 major websites that include well-known names like Hotel.com, Hotwire.com, Trip Advisor. They even own companies that specialize in services like corporate travel management, luxury vacation travel, and hotel agency reservations.

Many of Expedia Inc.’s other websites and companies also participate in Commission Junction’s affiliate program, so it is important to be sure to promote the highest paying offers on the right network.

AgentRez is actually another one of Expedia’s companies and is connected through EAN. However, it’s worth a special mention because AgentRez is in fact a travel agency affiliate program.

Individual travel agents and even travel agency companies can join AgentRez to book real-time or make online reservations for their customers. Since this is also an affiliate program, the agency will receive commissions up to 10% on any reservations that they book.

Compared to old-fashioned travel agent booking routines, this modern approach is an excellent addition to the Expedia Affiliate Network. AgentRez has a massive inventory of hotels that agents can book, although they do encourage reservations with particular companies by offering higher commission rates. One of these companies, Venere, is the top hotel agency company and is also owned by Expedia Inc.

Commission Junction
Many of the other leading online travel companies exclusively use Commission Junction for their affiliate program. Since many of the Expedia owned companies are also on CJ, it’s important find out where the best commissions can be obtained for each individual company that can be promoted.

Even though Expedia has some great offers, there are numerous offers on CJ that are just as good. Some of these come from competing companies like Priceline or Travelocity, while others are in non-competing niches like luggage sales.

Commission Junction does hold on to affiliate payouts longer than the Expedia Affiliate Network, but the ability to accrue earnings on a single account with numerous websites specializing in a variety of niches can be a big advantage for many affiliates.

A good number of travel programs can be found in the LinkShare (Rakuten) network. For example, there are BookingBuddy, Fare Buzz, Hotwire and TripMama with cheap flights, hotels and vacation packages. For restaurants, bars, resorts and weekend getaways, YourBestDeals has a lot to offer. CheapOair can be offered for great deals on airfare. HotelsCombined offers a great hotel comparison search engine and the most established companies to include American Express Travel can also be found.

Other top programs
Some other top programs include the following

  • OneTravel (available through LinkShare, Commission Junction and PepperJam)
  • Travel Affiliate Pro
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