The Essentials of Video Marketing

What is video marketing?
The concept behind the strategy of video marketing is fairly simple. A business or marketer makes a video, uploads it to a public website, and then that video can bring in targeted traffic to their website. A lot of people that think about videos will imagine elaborate scenes from Hollywood movies, but the truth is that extremely popular videos can be made with little more than a web cam, digital video camera, or camcorder.

For those who feel they do not have the time or expertise to make videos, there are plenty of freelancers online that can make professional videos at reasonable prices.

Although the whole concept of video marketing is simple, it can take some trial and error to do it successfully without some specific tips to use as guidance. The point of making a video is probably to advertise a product, company, or website, but the actual goal of it should be to help the person watching it in some way. This is done by providing some type of useful or entertaining content, while the advertising is a side-note.

Video traffic sources
This strategy is appealing to marketers, despite the extra effort required to put it into action, because of the free, targeted traffic it can drive to their websites. This traffic will obviously come from regular users of the actual site where the video is uploaded, but this is actually not the only source of traffic. Learning about the various sources can help marketers decide what to actually make a video about or even what to call it.

Search engines, such as Google, will regularly display video results in a prominent position within the normal site listings. This typically takes place when Google is able to find a number of different videos on the same topic. For niches or keyword phrases that have a decent amount of search engine competition, good rankings can often be obtained easier with a video than typical website content.

Another source of traffic is through social media sites. Members of Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social-networking websites will commonly share videos with their friends and followers. This typically happens with funny or entertaining videos, but certain groups of people that share a common interest will also pass around videos of tutorials or information on various subjects.

How to target videos to a specific audience
Just like regular web page content, a video needs to be optimized for search engines that are both on the video site and also normal search engines. This is done in the same manner as typical SEO, although there is generally a lot less content to go along with a video.Video Marketing

The most important aspect is the title. It should be named something that is relevant to what the video is about, but using a popular keyword phrase within this title can also help to ensure it will get some exposure. This will be the first thing that people see before they decide to actually visit the page that contains the video to watch. It can also be vital to obtaining good search engine rankings, especially in a more competitive niche.

Beyond the title, there are still some other aspects that can alter the rankings that a video is able to obtain for various keyword searches. A description and an actual list of keywords can usually be provided on most sites. Even though the purpose is to get people to watch the video, having a well-written description with a couple of targeted keyword phrases can help to attract new viewers. The list of keywords that is entered should relate to those that are targeted within the title and description.

Many video hosting sites will also allow the person uploading a video to provide a transcript. If there is a decent amount of talking in it that relates to the targeted keyword phrases, providing this transcript can go a long way to boost the number of views a video will receive.

A popular trick is to post the videos as a reply to a popular video in the niche as many people look at the video replies.

Where to advertise or place links
There are a number of different places that marketers can advertise their real purpose behind making their videos. The video itself is often one of the best places to do self advertising. Since videos can be shared or even embedded on other websites, this is one place that simply shouldn’t be ignored.

A video intro screen and even a short introduction from the person making the video can be a good place to start. A company logo can be placed here as the narrator says a brief word about the business or the video itself. This same technique can also be repeated at the end of a video, allowing a marketer two chances to embed a company or website name into their minds.

The website address being advertised can also be embedded into the video. This is typically best done in a non-obtrusive location, like the bottom of the screen, so the viewer can still see the actual video. More sophisticated videos can even allow for direct linking from within a video, which allows a viewer to click a link the video to visit the site. Unfortunately, most beginners will not be able to use an advanced technique like this, but the strategy is still effective without it.

In addition to advertising in the actual video, the description is another great place to leave a link to the company website. Affiliate marketers should create their own website that hosts their affiliate links and more content, which allows them to place links to various pages on their site from marketing videos. This link can typically get indexed by search engines, making it an excellent way to obtain targeted, incoming links to any website to help boost search engine rankings.

The user profile is another place that is perfect for promotional purposes and attracting new video viewers. It allows for a marketer to give a brief description of their business, connect with other members, and place another link to their site. The actual name of the user account can even target a keyword phrase or a certain niche. This can help to provide some extra ranking power to uploaded videos since the user name appears with every video.

More advice can be found at video creation and distribution.

Further information
For those really want to use video marketing to its full potential, it is necessary to take some kind of course to really learn how things are done and how they should not be done. The Tube Playbook is one such course.

For $27, this course covers everything from how to create a YouTube channel to how to market and monetize it to full effect. There are several training modules, a number of videos and PDFs, webinars and a wealth of other information on how to really benefit from video marketing.


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