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A domain name and web hosting are two things that are absolutely necessary for any business to start a new website. It is not really important what company is used for domain name registration, but the same thing cannot be said for website hosting companies. The server where a website is hosted determines how quickly the website will load for visitors, so it is extremely important to join a hosting company that can offer fast servers that are not overloaded with sites.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Since web hosting fees are continually paid on a regular basis, hosting companies are willing to pay high commissions to anyone who can send them new customers. As a result, most of these companies offer web hosting affiliate programs to allow affiliates to track their referrals and earn commissions. It’s not uncommon for the best web hosting affiliate programs to pay $100 for a single customer referral, even if that customer has only signed up for a low priced, monthly subscription plan.

The above average commissions for these affiliate programs make them a very lucrative way for affiliates to earn money if they can promote offers to targeted traffic. Access to quality traffic that is actually interested in signing up for website hosting is the key to success as a web host affiliate. Many of these web hosting affiliate programs are willing to offer even higher commissions to affiliates who can generate more than 20 sales each month.

One popular method of referring sales to web hosting affiliate programs is to build a hosting review site that can cover a variety of web hosts. This allows affiliates to promote a variety of companies to offer choices to their website traffic, and it also helps visitors to the website by helping them decide on the best web host to choose.

Host Gator
One of the leading web hosting affiliate programs on the internet is Host Gator, which is also a top hosting provider. They are known for having fast servers that are not overloaded, and they have some of the best customer service in the entire industry. Their pricing is a bit higher than some of the competition, but these higher prices are necessary to maintain the server speed and customer service quality that Host Gator is able to offer.

Host Gator offers $100 commissions for each new customer that affiliates can refer, although new customer sign ups must be verified to receive credit. In general, there is a 60 day waiting period to receive these commissions to ensure the customer is going to keep their hosting account. This waiting period can be irritating for affiliates with a low number of random sales, but it is hardly noticed by affiliates that have numerous sales each month.

Affiliates interested in joining the Host Gator affiliate program will need to join Commission Junction first, since they manage the affiliate program for this company. A benefit to using Commission Junction to promote web hosting affiliate programs is the freedom to promote a variety of companies with a single account.

A popular bargain website hosting company is iPage. For the price, they offer excellent web hosting services and customer support. Another additional benefit to hosting with iPage is the package of marketing credits that new customers receive, which includes search engine advertising credits, Facebook ad credits, and even a free listing on Yellowpages.com.

The web hosting affiliate program offered by iPage is just as good as Host Gator, but affiliates may be able to get higher conversions by promoting iPage because of the lower prices. Their affiliate program is also managed by Commission Junction.

Another popular bargain web host is FatCow. They offer web servers that run on wind energy, making them an environmentally friendly hosting company. Many of their features and services options are very similar to iPage, and the affiliate program is also managed by Commission Junction.

The affiliate program offered by FatCow offers $100 commissions on website hosting referrals, although this commission rate will go up to $125 per sale with performance incentives. These performance incentives require a certain number of sales to earn higher commission rates, although there are a few different levels between the $100 and $125 commission levels. This commission structure is excellent for affiliates of all sizes because it offers bonuses that should be within reach of any affiliate.

Although their general, cheap website hosting services are not the best in the industry, GoDaddy is a very popular company for both domain name registration and hosting. Hosting commissions can be as high as they are with other web hosting affiliate programs, but the more expensive packages have to be purchased to receive their $105 commission. In addition, annual service purchases have to be made for an affiliate to receive these commissions.

An advantage to using GoDaddy as a web hosting affiliate program is the ability to receive commissions for purchases other than hosting. These other purchases can include things like standard domain name registration, premium domains, logo design services, SSL certificates, and even web hosting reseller plans. Most of these offer a set commission amount, although referred sales on premium domains receive a percentage based commission.

GoDaddy offers their affiliate program through their own website or through Commission Junction, so affiliates are free to choose whatever will work best for them. In general, it is a good idea to stick with Commission Junction, unless GoDaddy will be the only website hosting affiliate program promoted.

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