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Easy WebContent Site Builder is online application that gives users the ability to create, design and manage their own websites or edit their existing HTML websites without having to install any additional software or tinker with any HTML codes. It is useful for building ecommerce and other types of sites easily.

Easy WebContent: Features and benefits

The Easy WebContent Site Builder was designed and developed in 2004 by HindSight Interactive, Inc., an internet consulting company that provides custom web solutions to businesses and organizations. Since then, Easy WebContent has been providing site owners with the capability of managing and tweaking their websites for maximum performance without having to invest a lot of time or money in the process.

Easy WebContent is guaranteed to be newbie-friendly. This drag-and-drop application makes it extremely easy for anyone to build their own websites in record time, even if they have no prior experiences along these lines. In fact, all you need is a browser and a free Easy WebContent account, and you can start designing your websites the way you want them.

If you are an absolute newbie, you can take advantage of the 20 ready-made themes that come with your account. These templates all have coordinated backgrounds, color schemes and font styles so you can be sure that your first website will have a consistent and unified look all throughout.

Sites built with Easy WebContent are fully customizable. Unlike traditional website builders, Easy WebContent allows users full creative control. It offers flexible themes that are suitable for personal, business and/or non-profit purposes.

This online application also has one of the most robust design toolsets available. As such, users gain total control over the theme, color scheme, layout and style of their websites. Additionally, more advanced users who are familiar with CSS and HTML coding can further customize their settings to come up with a website that meets their exact specifications.

Users also have the freedom of enhancing their sites with the numerous Add-ons and widgets that come with the application. You can easily drag and drop photos, icons, video files and other social elements to create unique and interactive features on your pages. You can also create scrolling content to feature your site’s special offers and other important content by using the application’s built-in content ticker.

With the Easy WebContent’s built-in image editor, users can customize images (resize, crop, blur, overlay, adjust color and/or drop shadows) quite easily. Sharing photos online can also be done with relative ease via the photo gallery tool that comes with the application. You can, likewise, play audio and music files on your website by using the built-in music player tool and create professional flash banners and slideshows with the built-in flash maker.

Additionally, you can easily add social widgets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter), maps and other third-party widgets from video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can even add PayPal and Google Checkout buttons as well as some third party advertisement codes to your sites with relative ease.

easy web contentIt can be used to create fully optimized sites. The application gives its users full control over managing and updating meta title, keywords and website description tags. The application also allows users to install Google Analytics so that they can track website traffic, page views, visitor behaviour, etc.

It allows for easy publishing. Users can publish their websites online with just a single click of their mouse. There is no need to FTP the files manually, and there is no need to host the site elsewhere since Easy WebContent utilizes the power of Amazon Cloud Solutions to host sites created with their application. As such, you can be sure that websites created with the Easy WebContent will be accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

For good measure, make sure to preview your websites before publishing them for the first time and/or after making some updates you want to implement. You should click on the ‘Publish Entire Site’ button when publishing for the first time and the ‘Publish Current Page Only’ after updating certain pages.

By using the Easy WebContent, you get to choose whether to use the free subdomain that goes with the service or a custom domain name for your website. You can also set up your email on your domains.

Easy WebContent

It provides unlimited support. If you ever have a question, there is a great chance that it has already been answered in the Help section or is covered by one of Easy WebContent’s numerous video tutorials. If not, you can always send a ticket to clear any issues or questions that you may have.

Easy WebContent Membership Plans

Easy WebContent comes in two membership packages – Standard and Complete. By subscribing to the Standard Plan, users can use the application for a single website with up to ten pages of content. Users will likewise get 10 GB of bandwidth, 1 GB of storage space, a free subdomain, standard widgets and standard support.

With the Complete Plan, however, you get the full version of the Easy WebContent site builder. You can use it to create and edit unlimited web pages and get 50 GB of bandwidth and 5 GB of storage space. You will, likewise, get priority support and an easy access to all the available widgets the system has to offer.

Other than the fact the Easy WebContent can only be used to edit HTML web pages and that the initial sync can be slow at times, most users find the application to be quite useful and user-friendly. Easy WebContent has a 100% uptime guarantee and offers a free 7-day trial so you can test-run the system before subscribing to their services.

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