Wedding Affiliate Programs to Cash in on a Huge Industry

Virtually everywhere in the world, weddings are a big deal and celebrated with lots of friends, family, presents, dresses, invitations, rings, and many other wedding supplies. The preparations involved with even a simple wedding, much less a royal wedding, are time consuming and nearly always expensive. Affiliate marketers can take advantage of this lucrative industry by partnering with wedding affiliate programs with reliable reviews.

While a lot of people may be aware that there is a lot of money in the wedding industry, not everyone has the skills necessary to actually work hands-on in this industry. Luckily, people who are internet savvy can still tap into this nearly unlimited income stream through affiliate marketing.

As with almost any kind of marketing with affiliate programs, it’s extremely important to have a niche to use as a focus for an affiliate website. Even though weddings could be considered a niche, one person simply cannot expect to build a website that covers everything there is to talk about concerning weddings. The alternative is to create an affiliate site centered around a single aspect about weddings or perhaps even a particular product or service.

Since there are so many different aspects involved with wedding planning, a wide variety of niche possibilities within the wedding affiliate industry. Some affiliates may be interested in a wedding invitation affiliate program, while others may want to find a wedding dresses affiliate program.

In addition to all the different kinds of products and services available in this niche, there is also an opportunity to promote books or digital products that help to teach people how to work in the wedding industry. There is always a demand for training for wedding photography or wedding planning.

It can help to browse through some recommended wedding affiliate programs to get an idea of what kind of products can be promoted. Reviews on some of these networks have been provided below.

ShareASale is a large network of affiliate programs and has an entire category dedicated to wedding related products and services. Some programs of note include:

  • Minted: For wedding invitations
  • Green Bride Guide: Plan the most environmentally friendly possible
  • The Wedding Lens: Online wedding photo sharing
  • eWedding: Create weddinwebsitesg
  • Bachelorette.com: Fun and games
  • Beau-coup: Wedding gifts, decorations and other supplies

There is something to monetize any kind of wedding niche all under one roof.

Wedding Affiliate Programs

Another recommended wedding affiliate program is Clickbank because of their high commission rates and large selection of related products. Clickbank is completely different from a network like Bridaluxe, so affiliates will have to be careful when they are selecting vendors, products, or services to promote.

While there are a lot of great vendors on Clickbank, there are also some low-quality sellers who don’t back up the claims made by their sales pages. As long as careful consideration is given to potential products, Clickbank can be an excellent choice for wedding affiliates.

Unlike most of the other affiliate programs for this industry, Clickbank is an online retailer of digital products. This means that affiliates will be able to promote a variety of wedding related e-books, services, and membership sites. Many of these products will be e-books like wedding planning guide books, while others may be training manuals or videos designed to teach particular skills to people interested in working in the wedding industry.

Commission Junction
Another one of the best wedding affiliate programs is Commission Junction, which is also a complete affiliate network. Even though Commission Junction has a lot of wedding and bridal related advertisers, they are not a dedicated wedding affiliate network.

Although they are a network with a good number of advertisers, they are still an excellent choice for affiliates. Many affiliates build websites in a wide variety of niches, so Commission Junction provides affiliate programs for almost any product category.

The selection of wedding affiliate programs available on Commission Junction covers almost any kind of wedding-related product or service. There are many choices for the most popular kinds of wedding supplies like wedding invitations, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, bridal gifts, jewelry, and even wedding planning services. For example, there is The Knot Wedding Shop, which primarily markets gifts and related products, and Blue Nile, which is mainly for diamonds and jewelry.

All the retailers on Commission Junction should be reliable for affiliate marketers to promote since they require a high minimum monthly sales volume from companies that want to join their network. This is another reason why Commission Junction has received a review as one of the recommended wedding affiliate programs.

My Wedding Favors
My Wedding Favors specializes in wedding gifts and other accessories. They offer products from around the world that are often unique. Commissions start at 12% and cookies last 120 days.

You can join their affiliate program through both ShareASale and Commission Junction.

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