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One of the most popular website niches that affiliates like to develop is weight loss, which can also include personal fitness, dieting programs and other health related niches. The weight loss niche is so sought-after because of the demand from consumers. This high demand for this type of product presents an excellent opportunity for affiliates to make an exceptional monthly income with weight loss affiliate programs.

The key to success with a weight loss affiliate program is to create a niche website that can target individual products. Beginner affiliate marketers commonly make one major mistake when they create this kind of site. This major mistake is caused by too much ambition because these marketers will often make a general website that offers information about a wide variety of weight loss products.

It is important for a niche website to have a specific focus, which should be an individual subject within the weight loss niche. By creating a focused niche site, search engines are much more likely to consider pages on the site to be a relevant result for related searches.

This marketing strategy allows smaller websites to be created that still have power in search engine results. With a general niche website, hundreds or even thousands of pages may be needed to make a noticeable impact with search engines.

One of the easiest ways to figure out a specific focus for a new niche site is by browsing products available for sale. Take a look at a recommended weight loss affiliate program below to find products that can be sold for commissions. Then, determine a specific weight loss topic with related products to use as the main topic of a niche website.

Market Health
Market Health, which was previously named Joe Bucks, is one of the leading weight loss affiliate programs. This network has offers from over 100 different health, beauty and weight loss related companies, and they are the highest paying affiliate program in this industry. Some of these weight loss products include supplements, vitamins, health care, and weight loss programs.

The reason why Market Health is the best weight loss affiliate program is because of their commissions and the way they are tracked. When an affiliate refers a sale to a product in this network, that affiliate also claims all future sales from that customer.

Referred customers receive discount offers through email newsletters, and all sales resulting from these offers are tracked and awarded to the original affiliate. This commission tracking even extends into phone and mail order sales, so weight loss affiliates can build residual incomes with Market Health.

Offers on this network are extremely easy to browse, including picking out specific offers that have coupon discount codes available for affiliates to use. These coupons are excellent to use with email marketing newsletters to earn commissions on sales.

This weight loss affiliate program offers something different compared with the usual health, weight loss and dieting products found online and in stores. With eDiets, customers can have freshly prepared, healthy meals delivered to their door every week. In addition to meal delivery services, they all offer dieting plans that affiliates can promote.

The main difference with eDiets is that people actually get to choose the food they want to eat, it helps them lose weight, and the food is never frozen. These advantages present an excellent opportunity for affiliates to refer sales to eDiets for generous commissions.

The eDiets weight loss affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction, so affiliates will need to join that network to promote eDiets. Using Commission Junction has its advantages since there are many other weight loss, fitness and health related companies that also use this affiliate network.

My Food Diary
A unique weight loss affiliate program is My Food Diary, which offers many excellent tools and resources to help people understand food. This approach helps people change their lifestyle to eat in healthy ways that are still enjoyable. Features of My Food Diary include a huge food database, exercise and body logs, motivational reports, and a community forum.

My Food Diary pays a set commission for referred sales to new members. Potential affiliates must send traffic from their own websites, which means email marketing is not accepted for this program.

Affiliates should be able to easily refer sales to My Food Diary, but it’s important for affiliates to be able to maintain a minor amount of referred sales each quarter to receive commission checks. The main downside to this program is the fact that commissions are only paid quarterly.

Although it has categories in health & beauty, skin care, teeth whitening and weight loss, its offers are rather limited when compared to some major networks. However, the products on this network tend to convert well, and Moreniche has a good reputation of paying top commissions in biweekly payments.

For those who are willing to face the competition, MoreNiche offers lifetime cookies, guaranteed commissions (they pay the marketer even if the merchant does not pay them), great affiliate support and higher earnings per click with its products.

This is another network that tends to generate very positive reviews. Commissions range from 30%-50% and are paid reliably. SellHealth promises high quality and high-paying products as well as careful tracking to make sure marketers get credit for everything they sell. Furthermore, they offer products with endorsements from leading medical authorities.

Major categories include men’s health, women’s health, general health, anti aging, skin care and a digestive science line.

Another noteworthy affiliate program for weight loss related products is Clickbank. There are a lot of health related products available for sale on Clickbank that pay very generous commissions. It is important for affiliates to carefully select which products will be promoted on this network, because there are some low-quality products found here.

Weight loss products found on Clickbank will only be digital products, which can include e-books, software, and membership accounts. Many membership accounts in this niche will offer recurring commissions, which is an excellent way for affiliates to build a dependable monthly income.

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