How to Create Great Websites with Free WordPress

There are many ways to build affiliate marketing websites, but using WordPress, which is also used to make almost every other type of website, is perhaps the best. Being open source and free, it has countless users, many of whom make plugins and themes that can allow WordPress to do virtually anything, including using it as an excellent affiliate marketing platform.

However, while it is used by beginners every day, WordPress does have a bit of a learning curve, and there are special tips to be aware of when using it for affiliate marketing websites. The following resource will help anyone using WordPress get started up and moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although it has special tips for affiliate marketers, anyone using WordPress for any type of site should find the information below on it very useful.

What is WordPress?
Those new to WordPress can look at what is WordPress for a more in-depth understanding of it. Basically, it is just a content management system that enables virtually anyone to create a professional website. It is both very sophisticated and free. However, most people end up paying for some features for their sites, although a good site can technically be built without spending a dime.

The first choice anyone using WordPress needs to make is whether to go with free hosting version on WordPress at https://en.wordpress.com/signup/ or to purchase a domain name and web hosting (this is covered more in what is WordPress). For full control and functionality, it is usually advisable to pay the very modest costs of hosting the site outside of WordPress.

Those who do not want to go with a free site first need to choose WordPress hosting and purchase a domain name. After that, go to http://wordpress.org/download/ for the script and instructions. Installing WordPress  covers both the manual and automatic installation methods and should be read first.

Get a themewordpress affiliate website
The WP theme in large part is going to decide both how the site looks and how the user interacts with it. Therefore, the first step should be to decide on the theme. Use WP theme to help you find either a free or paid theme that suits your purposes. Even for those with little experience, it is also possible to build a custom WordPress theme.

Using WordPress
At first glance, WordPress can look complicated to new users. However, it does not take long to gain an understanding of all the basic features typical website builders need to know. Keep the following in mind:

  • Most of the basic appearance features, to include the header and menus, will be decided on and adjusted in the theme. Think of it as a kind of a separate program within WordPress that will also need to be learned.
  • Much of the layout of the site to include what links will be in the header and footer as well as how the sidebars look will be set in WordPress widgets.
  • Go into the Settings tab to set the basic information that will appear to visitors and to the search engines, as well as how parts of the site will function.
  • A lot of what any WordPress user does will simply be adding/editing posts and pages. This is very easy to carry out.

Most of the other features, if used at all, can wait until the basic points above are mastered.

There are many WordPress tutorials  and forums online to help with learning features and virtually any question you might have with WordPress.

WordPress plugins
A lot of what makes WordPress so special are the plugins. These can be added and removed at will and give any WordPress site increased functionality. Generally, apart from a basic SEO plugin to help with things like the meta descriptions on posts, new users can put off using them until they thoroughly understand the theme they are using and the other basic features of WordPress. Over time, look into using more plugins as increased functionality is desired.

If your website will be aimed more at selling products, there are many WordPress ecommerce plugins to make it easier.

Affiliate marketing plugins
Those who would like to build an affiliate marketing site with WordPress will need to decide on affiliate marketing plugins. With the type of marketing that will be carried out in mind, choose the plugins that will assist in simplifying and automating the process of creating the best site possible.

Those who just want to run ads on their websites can use AdSense for WordPress to monetize their sites with AdSense and other ads.

WordPess backup and security
To protect against hackers, server problems or to simply create a recovery point in case you make mistakes, it is highly advisable to do at least an occasional WordPress backup to ensure all one’s work is not suddenly lost.

WordPress security has a number of tips to help keep WordPress sites safe from hackers.

Building content
While WordPress makes publishing and promoting content easier, it does not create it. There still is the need to build and optimize webpage content.  Whatever the site is about, always strive to provide useful information to visitors and update it regularly.

Visitors often like videos and pictures when they visit websites. Learn how to embed video in WordPress and use WordPress Flickr to make this easier.

Those who would like to sell digital products or use giveaways to include ebooks to attract subscribers can learn how to add digital downloads to WordPress.

For automated content, there are news and article feed plugins.

For the types of content you may not be able to create yourself, keep in mind that freelancer websites, to include Freelancer and Elance, can be used to find people to do it for you, usually at a reasonable price.

Creating the site with on-site SEO in mind will make things much easier.  WordPress SEO plugins can help with this and off-site SEO. Facebook comments for WordPress will increase the number of visitors by encouraging more user participation, which is also favored by search engines.  WordPress analytics should be used to track visitors and the effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Do not forget that site loading speed is important for visitors and factors into search engine rankings. WordPress can be heavy on resources and slow to load if not optimized properly, this makes it important to follow the advice found in ways to speed up WordPress.

Extra tips on using WordPress

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