How to Build a WordPress Contact Form

WordPress contact forms provide a way for visitors to sign up for updates and newsletters, reach customer service and offer a valuable feedback loop to website owners, as well as  ways to collect customer information. For some people, to include affiliate marketers not directly selling products themselves, it is not always apparent why they need to install contact forms on their WordPress sites. However, there are compelling reasons for every site to have one, and a wealth of choices means there are easy ways to set them up.

Reasons to have a WordPress contact form

  • Any site that does not have a contact form is going to look cheesy and untrustworthy to many visitors.
  • Google Adsense and other advertisers require them.
  • People wanting to buy advertising or with other cooperative ideas, that can sometimes be very lucrative, need to have a way to contact the site owner.
  • Visitors may give valuable feedback on how to improve a site.

Drawbacks of WordPress contact forms
Spammers, pesky marketers and silly questions can make having a contact form annoying at times. Still, the right form can limit the negatives.

Making a WordPress contact formwp contact form
With having a way for people to contact a site as important as it is, it is a bit surprising that there is not a contact form built into WordPress. Those who would like a built in form who are not afraid of some coding can use this tutorial for instructions on how to do this in WordPress. While this approach does have its advantages, most people simply use one of a multitude of plugins for this purpose. While some plugins for this are paid, the many free ones to choose from are more than sufficient for the majority of WordPress sites.

A contact form plugin will install just like any other WordPress plugin. Simply follow the instructions for the plugin and make sure that the link to the contact page, when it is completed, is in a prominent position that is easy for visitors to spot.

The best WordPress contact form plugins

Contact Form 7
Arguably the best contact form plugin, it does not take long to learn, but it is very flexible. Users can create many fields and label them as they like. Multiple forms can be created and spam blocking options are also available. A tutorial on how to install it is found here.

123 Contact Form 
This form, in both paid and free versions, has a huge number of options. Everything from images fields and Google Maps to reports and charts, and technical support make it a good form for those who want to go all out and give site visitors the best form possible.

Fast and Secure Contact Form 
Both free and highly rated, this is another WordPress Contact form to carefully consider. Along with a CAPTCHA to stop spam, file attachment support and other basic features, it is easily customizable. It has additional features to include sending message to multiple destinations, optional autoresponder and auto redirect after the mail is sent.

Enhanced WP Contact Form
Simple but free and easy to use, it still offers enough features for the typical WordPress user. It offers spam protection, shows referrer information and gives users the option of sending copies of the messages to themselves.

A listing of all WordPress Plugins with the “contact form” tag can be found here. There are six pages of them at the time of this writing!

A more limited listing of WordPress contact form plugins with pictures can be found here.

Spam protection
In today’s world, some kind of protection against spam is a virtual necessity for anyone with a contact form on their site. For this reason, forms tend to have some kind of CAPTCHA system embedded. If your form does not, Really Simple CAPTCHA, originally developed for Contact Form 7 but now independent, offers a relatively high level of protection. Its design means that it can be embedded into WordPress while avoiding conflict problems.

More information
For those who would like more information about where those contacting them are coming from, this tutorial will show how to install such conversion tracking into a contact form.

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