How WordPress Flickr Plugins Can Work for You

Flickr is an online photo sharing and management system that has many millions of members and  literally billions of photos.  Being as popular as it is, it has a lot of great photos that can be used to spice up any website. WordPress Flickr plugins make it easy for anyone using WordPress to easily take advantage of these photos to make their sites more visually appealing and engaging. Galleries and albums can easily be created, and photos can be sorted by date, title or other criteria. These plugins can be used to set the size, used with widgets to display the photos wherever you choose on the site and have various other features depending on the which one you choose.

Popular Flickr plugins for WordPress
The popularity of Flickr and WordPress has brought about a good choice of quality plugins for anyone to use to improve their sites. Here are top ones to consider to make integrating Flickr photos into WordPress easy.

One of the easiest plugins to use is. This plugins offers different types of photo streams that users can select from the control panel. For example, set, favorite, group and community photostreams are supported.

Flickr API
This plugin provides tools to display your images in flickr galleries, sets, photostream or favorites along with addition options using shortcodes. You can choose the size, whether it is linked and to where (another image or back to Flickr). The features include the number of images shown.

WP Decoratr
WP Decoratr does not require any configuration and offers a quick and easy way to add photos to posts. When adding a post, simply click on “get images,” and it will automatically analyze the content of the post and suggest matching images. It is very fast and easy to use.

Creative WordPress Flickr plugins
There are creative plugins beyond flickrRSS for people who want to display their talents. Many of the popular plugins offer different types of ways to organize, access and present pictures from Flickr on the WordPress site. Some of the more creative plugins are  Awesome Flickr Gallery and Slickr Flickr.

Awesome Flickr Gallery
A first impression leaves only a few seconds for a blog to capture visitors’ attention. Using Awesome Flickr Gallery is a way to captivate internet users as they view WordPress websites. This plugin gives webmasters and bloggers great control over creating photo galleries from Flickr accounts while keeping the interface simple. There are various sorting options so that you do not need to rely on what Flickr offers, and Awesome Flickr Gallery has CSS capabilities to make it more customizable. Some other features include:

  • Customizable image sizes and the ability to create multiple galleries with each using different parameters.
  • Ability to fit photos into sidebar widgets

In addition, it promises to remain light with intelligent caching for fast gallery loading.

Slickr Flickr
Slickr Flickr has good ratings and displays Flickr photos as gallery or unbranded slideshows that can be played automatically or manually. Flickr photos are available in different-sized slideshows as well as galleries of small thumbnails that can be placed in the sidebar or anywhere else on the webpage. There are also different sorting options. Users can choose whether or not they want captions and photo descriptions. It also works with various LightBoxes to include Fancy Boax, Evolution LightBox, Shtterbox and Pretty Photo.

Flickr makes networking and marketing easy
Many of these Flickr plugins will allow bloggers and webmasters to share both public photos and group photos aside from their own. Flickr photos will immediately bring a website to life. Flickr is a great venue to network and promote a blog or website that has taken advantage of the benefits offered by these plugins. Using WordPress and Flickr together is particularly advantageous for designers, photographers and those interested in the creative arts fields.

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