A Guide to the Best WordPress Tutorials

Even though WordPress was designed to allow people without web design or programming experience to be able to build their own blog, it can still be very confusing for beginners to use to create their first website. Fortunately, there are many different WordPress tutorials available that make it easy to understand for people with any experience level.

Choosing the Right WordPress Tutorial
Since there are so many different tutorials for WordPress, it can be hard just to choose which one to buy. A lot of people will solely focus on the price instead of paying more attention to what the course is designed to teach, even though this is the most important aspect.

The key to picking the best WordPress tutorial actually depends on the needs of the person that wants to learn something about it. This content management system can be used in many different ways to create a wide variety of types of websites, so it is important to pick something that teaches the right things. A single course that teaches absolutely everything about it would be nearly impossible to create.

Some of the tutorial courses out there may be designed to cater to those interested in creating a specific type of website, while others will solely focus on using it to create blogs. There will also be some that geared towards teaching the basics of WordPress to beginners.

Recommended Formats for Tutorials
In general, most of the courses will be made as training videos or as books in a variety of formats. Videos are excellent for many people since they will typically show the student how to actually do the various things that are being taught. For this reason, the video tutorial format generally works best for those that are visual learners.

Books can also be a great resource, especially for people that do not have overly powerful computers or multiple monitors. It can be ineffective to watch a video while constantly switching to another window to practice the steps first hand. A printed book allows for the student to follow along as they work through the material.

Digital versions of books can be a more cost-effective way for people to learn how to use WordPress. They have they same limitation as videos when it comes to using it while working, but they can also be manually printed in most cases. Obviously, this is probably not the ideal situation, but it can be effective for those on a budget.

Despite what type of format is picked for WordPress tutorials, it is always important to get something that is up to date. There is constant development with this content management system, so a course that was made a year ago is going to be showing video or images from a version of WordPress which will be different from the one that is currently available. However, most of the best courses are continually updated as new versions are released.

The WordPress Classroom
An excellent video tutorial course that will teach people how to really use the power of WordPress to build a variety of types of websites is The WordPress Classroom. Even though this training series has a lot of beginner information, it is probably best suited for people that want to do more than just make a basic blog.

In general, this course is recommended for offline businesses looking to establish an online presence or  for internet marketers that want to use the power of this content management system to be able to quickly create a variety of types of website businesses. The WP Classroom has courses centered around sales page creation, lead generation, niche affiliate marketing, and much more. They even teach people how to use this system to easily create a membership website that charges members a monthly membership fee.

Most importantly, this course has been updated regularly,  so it is going to contain the up to date information that people are going to need to be able to learn WordPress properly. Since it is also designed to teach more advanced strategies and techniques, it goes way beyond just teaching people how to use WP. The WordPress Classroom actually gives people all the knowledge they will need to be able to create profitable online businesses with this software and without any technical knowledge.

WP 101
For people that simply want to learn how to use WordPress to create their own blog, WP 101 is an excellent video training resource for beginners that are looking to learn this content management system. When someone is just getting started with WP, they’re not interested in learn advanced techniques. In fact, that type of information will only confuse someone who is not familiar with the basics first.

The advantage to a training course like WP 101 over something like The WordPress Classroom is the fact that this system will concentrate on the various things that WordPress is capable of doing. This means that students of WP 101 are going to learn the system, so they will be able to use it properly and effectively to make their own sites.

Another advantage to choosing WP 101 for a tutorial course is the fact that their videos are kept up to date. New releases for future versions of WordPress are planned, and they are even devoted to developing more advanced videos in the future that will help people take the next steps with their sites. Their Unlimited membership option gives customers access to the future video releases for free, making it an affordable tutorial that can offer a lot of training.

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